Shubh Mangal Savdhan rakes in 33 Crore at the box office

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, released on September 1, has garnered adoration and love from moviegoers. Its steady run at the box office has not been influenced by the new releases a week ago, Poster Boys and Daddy. On Tuesday, it earned Rs 1.02 crore, which conveys its aggregate collection to Rs 33.92 crore.

On its second end of the week, the motion picture governed the movies and managed to mint Rs 7.83 crore. In spite of being a small budgeted project, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan has earned good cash till now and has just been announced a hit.

RS Prasanna’s motion picture opened to positive surveys from both film critics and crowds.

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan spins around the lives of Mudit (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Sugandha (Bhumi Pednekar), who are going to get hitched. Their lives flip around when Mudit understands that he is experiencing erectile dysfunctionality, days before their wedding. What takes after is a silly story of how the couple deals with their unexpected issue.

RS Prasanna’s motion picture is a Hindi redo of the 2013 Tamil hit, Kalyana Samayal Saadham and stars the much-cherished jodi of Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar in lead parts. The jodi had already highlighted together is another crowd pleaser, Dum Laga Ke Haisha.

Sources: Business Today NDTV

Centre claims to have proof of Rohingya’s link with Pakistan-based terror groups

The Narendra Modi government reportedly has proof that establishes the alleged link of Rohingyas to various Pakistan-based terror groups, thus claiming that their continued presence in the country poses a threat to national security.

In the Centre’s report to the Supreme Court, they stated that “many of the Rohingya refugees” were suspected to have links with Pakistan’s ISI, the Islamic State (ISIS) group and other terrorist groups in support of their claim.

The Rohingyas are stateless Indo-Aryans from Myanmar’s Rakhine state and are classified as one of the worst persecuted minority communities in the world. Myanmar Government does not give them citizen status and at present India is home to nearly 40,000 members of the community who have entered the country in batches through breaches in the Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangladesh border since 2012-13.

According to DNA, a confidential report catalogs various incidents that can establish the stateless Rohingyas’ link to Pakistani terrorist organizations and other global groups like Al-Qaida.

Over 3 lakh Rohingyas have sought refuge in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh following the recent string of attacks on the community in Myanmar on August 23.

Sources: DNAIB Times

Image sources: Reuters

5 killed as heavy downpour hits Sikkim

The continuous heavy rainfall which led to landslides killed five people in Sikkim on September 20.

Around 2 am a house collapsed after a landslide hit it following incessant rainfall at Upper Gurpisey, among the five people in the house three were killed and two survived with severe injuries. The deceased have been identified as Nikhil Rai(11), Nikita Rai(15) and Passingkt Bhutia(21). The injured were rushed to the Namchi Hospital and the buried bodies were taken out by the rescue team later.

The second landslide which occurred around 3 am at Upper Bokrong ward, Katong Namphok GPU took away the lives of a woman and her daughter as their house collapsed. The deceased woman has been identified as Manju and her daughter Angel.

Transportation has come to a standstill as all the roads in the area have been blocked and damaged.

A disaster control room had been set up at the Namchi Police Station said, SSP Pratap Pradhan. The district administration has further sought additional forces for search and rescue process.

The officials said that families have been evacuated from vulnerable areas.

Sources: Times of India, NDTV 

Image source: Scroll

Army takes Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to the highest battlefield Siachen

Taking forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a swachh Bharat, the Indian armed did a cleanliness drive at Siachen which is the highest battleground on this planet.  It is a coordination test to move a wide range of waste out of the ice sheet so that these don’t wind up the plainly natural danger. Armed force keeps on finding a way to guarantee cleanliness at the most astounding war zone, the Defense Ministry said. “The prime intention of the drive is to keep up natural adjust of Siachen icy mass.

“Since the dispatch of the battle in October 2014, Siachen troops have expelled and sent back more than 63 tons of waste to the base,” the Ministry included. A tremendous measure of trash has been brought back through man-pack loads, doormen, horses and here and there returning helicopters. These heaps of rubbish incorporate pressing material, barrels, and perishables. The refuse is covered in profound trenches dove mechanically in zones on the entry of the waste to transfer ranges, which are not on keep running of the streams and where landmass is not delicate.

India wins the moral battle says Lt. General DS Hooda

The Indian Army was wary of Pakistan retaliating after the special forces conducted the surgical strikes last year in September.

The commander of the northern army, Lieutenant General DS Hooda led the surgical strike and spoke to Indian Express about the triumph.

He said, ‘ Broadly what happened was that we went across the Line of Control at multiple places under Pakistan’s Corps and caught them by total surprise. This was so embarrassing to the Pakistan Army, that their immediate response was denial.

The army denied any leaves to their soldiers, they began anticipating where India could strike next, and amateurish attempts were made to hide that, in fact, they were napping.’ 

 He also said that the Army in Kashmir is a realist. The goal of the strike was not to finish infiltration or terrorism in Kashmir, it was about our blatant response to Pakistan. Our soldiers were too impacted positively. The Uri garrison was a setback. They needed to know that the loss of lives will not go unpunished. 

On asking, if situations call for, can another strike happen? Lt. General said a resounding yes. He says that in some way the glass ceiling has been shattered. The men have gained a tremendous amount of confidence in their ability to play in a complex operation.  

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Tamil Nadu speaker precludes 18 AIADMK MLAs

The 18 MLAs who were supporting TTV Dhinakaran have been disqualified with effect from Monday under the 1986 Tamil Nadu Assembly Members Party Defection Law.
Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker, P Dhanapal stated, “18 protesting AIADMK MLAs faithful to sidelined party Deputy General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran precluded.”
One of the protesting MLAs, SKT Jakkaiyan, had later changed camps to help Palanisamy. These 18 MLAs had since been requesting the evacuation of the Chief Minister.
Earlier, Chief Government Whip S Rajendran had asked the Speaker to exclude the said MLAs for “hostile to party exercises” following their rebellion against the Chief Minister. Despite the fact that the Speaker had issued a notification to all the dissenting MLAs looking for their individual nearness, they did not turn up. A determination embraced at a meeting led by Palanisamy on August 28 had said Dhinakaran was “expelled” from the post of Deputy General Secretary.Opposition parties have since been demanding the Governor coordinate a story test for the Palanisamy government for demonstrating its larger part in the Assembly.In the 234-part House, AIADMK has a quality of 134 MLAs.
A determination embraced at a meeting led by Palanisamy on August 28 had said Dhinakaran was “expelled” from the post of Deputy General Secretary. Opposition parties have since been demanding the Governor to coordinate a floor test for the Palanisamy government for demonstrating its larger part in the Assembly. In the 234-part House, AIADMK has a quality of 134 MLAs.

Police protection, a status symbol for VIPs

Despite promises by the peace bearers of our country, VIP culture thrives at the cost of civilians 

Latest data narrates that 20,000 VIPs have on average, three cops to protect each of them, while for the ordinary citizens the shortage prevails. Data compiled by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) under the home ministry shows that out of a total 19.26 lakh police officers in the country 56944 are deployed just for the safety of 20,828 VIPs across 29 states and six Union territories. Rather, Lakshadweep is the only state where no one has ever been given special police service. 

India floats among the least policed countries in the world. Only one cop is supposed to look after 663 people. More than a policeman being there as security, he/she has become a mere status symbol for few. They state reasons such as a threat to life to enjoy a supreme social life. 

This culture is flourishing well in North and East part of India. Bihar has 3,200 VIPs being given protection by 6,248 cops. West Bengal has 2.207 VIPs protected by 4,233 policemen, while 501 cops were originally sanctioned for such arrangements. Surprisingly, the capital, New Delhi has only 489 protected persons but has the maximum number of cops- 7,420 deputed. This is justified because important, high-profile meetings and visits happen with the President and Prime Minister who reside there. 

The southern states are far more ahead when it comes to saying no to VIP culture. Maharashtra only has 74 protected persons secured by 961 men from the police. While Kerala has only 57 VIPs and 214 deployed men for service. 

Somewhere between the hunger for power and fame, we are left unattended. Policemen are misused by the political administration as symbols of strength and control, rather than making them the symbols of security, safety and trust.  

Sources: Times Of India,

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