A vegan’s experience of transcendence: Sukanta


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A cup of tea, rather a bowl of Rabri with the royals?… You are at the right place. Sukanta restaurant, which lies at the heart of the Deccan Gymkhana, a 11 km ride from Senapati Bapat Road, shall definitely fit your bill. Literally!

The wall murals and ambience gives you the feeling of being in little Rajasthan and so does the food. Priced at Rs. 260, the thali served is a fusion of Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. It comprises of a variety of dishes that stand out for their authenticity and thus, joy to the typical vegetarian.

The thali also comprises of the Jawari rotla and the chawali usal that stand tall for their simplicity among the luxurious Malpoha and Rabri. I was left with a confused heart for I could find no beginning or end to the meal.

The bold spices in the Paneer Lavabdar with soft and juicy paneer made the dish a signature for the restaurant. The Dahi papdi chaat made me gorge into the streets of Maharashtra in the pleasantly lit, air-conditioned ambience of the restaurant.

Dices of Sangham Dhokla generously sprinkled with perfectly roasted mustard and shredded coconut was a treat to the eyes and my taste buds. The raising agents in the Dhokla had been  blended with the dough to get the right crumble when bit into.

I felt like I was opening a gift when I dipped into the Rabri bowl. My first spoon of Rabri was a memory that shall remain untouched. Meadow fresh cow’s milk cooled along with saffron and crystal sugar and voila! My eyes widened when I found chocolate chips buoying on the glamorous mixture.

As I noshed down my first bowl of surprise, the rabri man waited for me to slide it down my tummy. My bowl was brimming like my face again and this time, I gourmandized the chocolate rabri.

Steaming Khichdi with a dollop of ghee was served while I gorged on the rest.

In spite of a few constraints like parking area and proximity to the location, dining in there was a delightful experience, especially when you are away from home.

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