Water sources contaminated around Malin

Pune: Eleven samples of water collected from areas around Malin village which witnessed a landslide a week ago has found bacteriological contamination.

“We had sent 26 water samples from five villages around Malin forbacteriological tests and 11 samples were found to be contaminated,” said Dr Sanjeev Jadhav, Additional District health officer.

There are five wells from which villagers fetch drinking water and all of them have been chlorinated. Villagers have been made aware about the prevention of water borne diseases. Notices regarding the same have been circulated by the gram panchayat. However, the heavy rainfall has managed to flood six public wells along the river.

Surveillance for flu or illnesses caused by the bacteriological contamination is underway specially in villages like Adhivre, Panchale, Phulewade and Borghar on priority basis. There are about 21 villages and 45 wadis (hamlets) with 1900 houses. “We have conducted a check of 917 houses at 12 villages and 26 wadis,” Jadhav said, adding that so far there is no epidemic or outbreak of any disease.”

These tests were carried as heavy rainfall may increase the chances of contamination of water. Also as the bore wells and wells are primary source of drinking water for villages around, the debris at Malin may have compromised its quality.




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