When Drums Welcomed Ganesha

Photo Courtesy: puneganeshfestival.com
Photo Courtesy: puneganeshfestival.com

Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra, welcomed Lord Ganesha in the city with great joy and pomp. The rhythmic sound of dhols and tashas during procession made the atmosphere divine. These instruments are a form of offering service to the lord by devotees and a means of sharing their delight both on the onset and closure of the festival.

Earlier, a dhol was a means to gather people for makingpublic announcements. Today, Dhol Tasha symbolise the cultural heritage of Pune. The sound of dhols enthrals the public.

There are many dhol tasha pathaks in Pune who, every year, put up a grand show for not only Punekars, but for tourists who come to witness this grand festival.Every year they experiment with different music and formats. Various competitions are also organised between different dhol pathaks.

The president of Shivdigvijay pathak, Narendra Suryavanshi said, “Our dhols will tune to a special taal called Mrutrunjay Taal, exhibiting a Sanskrit poem on Sambhaji Raje. The Hind Dhwaj flag demonstrates the exclusiveness of our pathak, which will be enthroned on Rajgad fort, post which we will be play our tunes.”

Satyajit Shinde, co-ordinator of Naad Bramha pathak, said, “We have introduced many Hindi tunes like Dhinka chika, Dabang songs etc.to entertain the public”.

Shivmudra, an experienced pathak, are using historical tunes this year. Shiv Stuti, a tunenarrating the Shivaji Maharaj era, will be played. Due to their historic show, they have received invites from popular and historicGanpatimandals like Kesariwada Ganpati, Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganpati, Zilbya Maruti Ganpati and Vishram Bagh wada Ganpati.

An interesting trend this year has been the increase in the number of women participants in dhol pathaks. KanchanKedar said, “It is great fun to play dhol for Ganpati bappa”.

Thus, the Punekar’s can witness a rhythmic dhol tasha music with a touch of both soulfulkirtans and Bollywood numbers.

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