YouTube to launch YouTube TV soon

On February 28 at a Los Angeles event, YouTube in a surprising announcement declared that it will launch its own streaming service- ‘YouTube TV’. The service will include a combination of live-streams of cable and broadcast television programs along with its own online video content.

The move is seen as parent company Google’s foray into cable networking for a paid subscription service to woo people who have not opted for traditional cable networks.

The service will launch as an independent app which will stream broadcast or cable networks to multiple devices such as tablet, mobile phones, computers and other devices with Chromecast.

For 35$ per month, YouTube TV will provide access to four major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX along with nearly 35 channels. The app also offers up to six accounts so six people can share it but also have their own personalised offered recommendations as per their tastes.

No specific date has been mentioned for the launch of the service, but it is expected in the next few months.

The subscriptions also include unlimited cloud DVR storage; AI powered search and personalization as well as access to the content from YouTube Red.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has deemed it as ‘evolution of television’ and the service aims to “give the younger generation the content they love with the flexibility they expect.”

YouTube TV has many features but channels under other major networks such as Viacom and Turner Broadcasting are missing whereas some content is only available as add-ons.



IMAGE SOURCE: Ars Technica

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