Brians Song

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Brians Song

In New York for a sales trip always can be a lot of fun. The hustle and Bustle definitely gets the adrenaline flowing, and besides there are so many hot guys, you can hardly keep your focus.

I arrived at the Hotel to drop my bag and get out to make some calls. My /surprise/">surprise when I run into Brian, one of the project managers from the factory. Brian is the hottest guy in the company, 6'-1" thin build but not too skinny, and therefore having a great round butt. Dirty blond hair, and a dimple on the left cheek when he smiles crookedly.

"Hey Brian, what are you doing here" I called

"I'm in town to do an install over on 52nd and Park" Brian Answered.

"I'm in town for a couple of days, wanna have a beer later" I asked, Brian is well known for his prowess at the bar.

"Sure, I should have some time before I go to the airport" Brian Answered

"See you back here at 5:30 OK?" I stated as we split company.

"Sounds great", Brian replied.

All day in between appointments I could not think of anything except Brian. Even though I fantasize about Brian all the time, I have no plans other than enjoying his sight, and company at the bar. You see I am Bi, and married. I am only Bi as my current sex life is with my wife, but all of my fantasies are with men. 

That afternoon I get a voicemail from Brian. He needs to stay over and the travel agent can't find him a room. He spoke with the boss and he said for him to stay in my room. Hearing this my heart started racing, and I relished the thought of spending the evening with Brian in my room.

I called him back, but got his voicemail, so I left him a message. "Not a problem Brian, Call me when you get to the Hotel and I'll let you know the room number". Was the message I left him.

Around 5 I made it to the hotel, checked in and went up to my room. Normally I would grab and issue of Playguy at the Magazine shop, and Jerk off after work, but thought that wouldn't be a good idea in this case.

Just a few minutes after I got to the room my cell rang and it was Brian. I told him my room number and within a couple of minutes Brian was at the door. When I opened it there he was with a 12 of Beer in his hand.

"Hey Jack, I thought I would bring the beer up to the room. I don't have a change of clothes, and I will need to wash mine here, so I thought we might as well have a few cool ones and watch some TV at the same time". Brian said enthusiastically.

" Sounds like a plan" I replied.

Brian proceeded to open up a couple of beers, passed on to me and we clicked cans and drank a big gulp.

He then proceeded into the washroom, and took a piss with the door open. I love the sound of a man's piss hitting the toilet and this one got my guts stirring.

Brian yelled out of the washroom that he was going to wash his stuff now so that it would have time to dry. I had done this a few times myself and knew the drill. Wash your socks, /underwear/">underwear and shirt, hang it up and it is dry by the morning.

I lied down on one of the beds and relaxed. After a few minutes Brian asked for another beer from the washroom. I grabbed one and stuck my arm in the bathroom door with it. Brian opened the door and stood there with towel around his waist and grabbed the beer and took a drink.

I watched as his adams apple went up and down and surveyed the sights. It was the /first-time/">first time I had seen Brian without a shirt and was short of breath at the sight. Brian even though a man, had very soft features, no six pack here, no bulging biceps, just soft and smooth, his nipples protruding from his chest ever so lightly, and his frame expanding at the waist.

"Hey man, you OK?" Brian asked.

"Fine" I said snapping out of my trance.

We both proceeded to our beds and drank our beers. Before long, as we had drank a few on an empty stomach, we were feeling really good.

I jumped up and said I need a shower and proceeded to the washroom. My real plan was to jerk off in the shower and get rid of some of this sexual tension I was feeling.

Once in the shower, I lathered up and started to dream about Brian. I was fully hard in seconds and had to go slowly or else I was going to blow my load real fast. Then I heard the door click and the toilet seat go up.

"I couldn't hold it man,’ Brian yelled as his piss hit the water.

"No problem I said, just don't flush the toilet,’ I yelled back.

I started lathering the rest of my body, as Brian drained his beer into the toilet. Then I had a thought, to sneak a peak at him while he pissed. I had to move fast, so in that split second I made the choice and moved the curtain slightly to get a peak.

Brian's dick was perfect, just around 3" soft, cut and pink like a piglet. Piss flew out of the tip and I almost blew my load looking at it. I stared carefully while Brian finished and shook it off.

"Hey man, what is taking so long in there?" Brian blowjob porn videos yelled over the shower as he walked out.

"I'm almost done" I stuttered, and frantically finished showering to avoid suspicion.

After I was done I threw on my boxers and a T-shirt, then proceeded out of the Washroom, grabbed a beer and lied back down.

"That felt great,’ I stated.

"Yeah, I'm going to go have one in a few minutes myself. Hey does the shower have a massage head, my shoulder is killing me?" Brian asked.

"No Man, hardly any pressure at all" I replied

After a few moments of silence I blurted without thinking, "I'll give your shoulder a rub if you'd like?"

" Sounds great!" Brian jumped at the suggestion and moved to the edge of my bed.

I moved over on my knees behind and put my hands very nervously on his shoulders. His skin was so soft and I started to rub. Wow! It felt great to have my hands on this almost naked guy of my dreams. After a few minutes Brian jumped up and grabbed some lotion from the washroom and returned. With his crooked smile he handed me the lotion.

’This will make it a little easier,’ Brian Whispered

I lathered up the lotion and started the rub again, around the shoulders, down the blades at the back rubbing up the neck to the hairline. Man this was getting kind of hot. I started getting more forward in my rubbing and finally brushed a nipple. I heard a deep breath come out of Brian but no other response. This was getting into uncharted territory, and my dick was as hard as a rock.

Suddenly Brian stated ’I think I am going to lie down so you can get a better angle on my back’ and he then rolled onto his stomach. I moved up beside him and started to rub the milf porn videos middle and lower back down to the towel. 

After a few moments I asked ’How about your legs?’

’Man are you a pro or what, go for it’ Brian groaned

So I started with his calf’s, the hair on his legs was pure white and sparse in the by the ankles and got a little heavier as it moved up his legs. I quickly moved up to the hamstrings and was reaching slightly under the towel. Meanwhile I was bulging a tent out of my boxers and the air was getting tenser by the minute. Finally Brian reached back and pulled the towel off and out of the way. Bang there was the sweetest, roundest but I could have ever imagined. I started working my rubs up higher and higher until finally I was rubbing that butt. Then to get more comfortable I flipped one leg over him and straddled his legs. I started to rub his butt in earnest and the scene got really hot. He was moaning I was groaning, even one of his legs has lifted up and was rubbing my dangling balls.

I lifted off my shirt and ditched the boxers as Brian flipped over and revealed his /erection/">erection. Shazam, there it was, 5 ˝’ of solid purple rock lying flat against his tummy nestled in a bed of blond curlies, with his wrinkly balls lying below. I look up at his crooked smile and went right for the prize.

First I used my nose to survey the land, the /sweet/">sweet manly smell was heaven to my senses as I let the smell and his curlies tickle my nose. Then I licked and tasted his salty manhood, and sucked on his balls one by one. Finally I worked up Brian’s shaft and tickled the V-spot under his purple head. The groaning increased until I sensed he was already close. I grabbed his dick and wrapped my lips around the head and tickled the slit at the tip. More groans egged me on to take his dick into my mouth and take it right to the back of my throat, so I was breathing his pubic hair into my nostrils. Finally after going up and down a couple of times Brian grabbed my hair and thrusted into my mouth, and with a loud groan let loose his juice, which squirted against the back of my throat again and again. 

I just stayed there while his tight grip on me slowly loosened, and his dick softened in my mouth. I didn’t want to move.

Finally Brian broke the silence and whispered, ’Wow, that was incredible’.

I just smiled as his dick slipped out of my mouth.

Brian then reached down for mine, ’I guess it is your turn’ is the last thing he said as I lied down and Brian took my mouthful with a crooked smile.

To be continued in Brian’s Song 2...