Joey and the Older Guy Part III

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Joey and the Older Guy Part III

My name is Joey. I live in an apartment with a roommate, Matt. I also work at a pizza place as a delivery boy. Over the past real forced anal against her will couple of months I have been saving up money to go to my sister's wedding. I told Matt that I would be leaving for a few weeks to stay in California to see my sister get married. 

So I got on a plane and headed down to San Francisco. My sister and her fianc", Evan, picked me up at the airport. She was thirty-six at the time and he was about to turn forty. No one in my family knew I was gay, though by now I have come to realize I'm not straight. For so long I had always thought I was just with girls until a few encounters with some really sexy guys.
Evan grabbed my suitcases. His arms were big and muscular. 

"Well we better get to the hotel," my sister said.

Evan and I nodded our heads and we headed off to the car. When we got to the hotel I found out that my sister had already gotten me a room just down the hall from her and Evan. I got into my room and threw my bags on the bed. I sat down. I could not get my mind off of my sister's new fianc". It was the I had ever been attracted to an older guy. He was so big. His chest stuck out like a football player and his chin was squarely shaped. He had thick dark brown hair and green eyes. He had broad shoulders and wore a tight T-shirt and even tighter jeans. I could see why my sister liked him.

I went to sleep, trying to resist my urge to jerk myself while thinking of my sister's fianc". The next morning I awoke to a hard pounding at my door. I crawled out of bed, wearing only my boxers. The hole in the front was wide open and my dick was hanging out, but I was too sleepy to notice. I opened the door. It was Evan. He looked down at my dick, which was not getting harder. He coughed.
I quickly put it away. We both laughed a little. 

"What's going on," I asked.
"Well, my best man and I were gonna go to country club for some relaxation and I figured you would want to come," he explained.
"Ya, just let me get dressed." And with that I ran back into my room and put some clothes on and we were off to the country club. 

I had never been around such rich people in my life and there were so many hot, young men on staff. All in their bright blue polo shirts and short shorts.
I followed Evan and his best man Gary through the club. Gary looked very similar to Evan but age had not been quite so kind. Evan eventually led us to the spa area of the club. We went into the locker room.
"What are we doing?" I asked.

Evan turned to me and said, "Just takin" a little dip in the before we get our massages." 

So I followed them to their lockers. I took one look around the room before I began to undress. There were a lot of older, overweight men getting dressed and undressed which didn't do much for me. But some of the older men had brought their adult sons along with them. I was in heaven and I wasn't aloud to touch. I turned to Gary and Evan who were already undressed. Gary wrapped a towel around his waist and headed off for the steam room. Evan looked at me.

"Well come on, let's go. You can't steam in your clothes."

I smiled. He was so well built, I didn't want to look at his cock and be disappointed, but I could not resist. And I'm glad I didn't. His cock was big. I could only guess about eight or nine inches. I pulled down my pants and boxers then removed my socks. My shirt came off and I was ready to hit the steam room. 

We switched between the steam room and the hot tub several times, each time a caught a look at his beautiful cock. I was devising a plan as to how I could get closer to it or even touch it. But it did not belong to me. 

The three of us were in the hot tub when Gary got a call on his cell phone saying that he was needed at work. He said good bye and rushed away. The two of us decided to skip the massages and just go back to the hotel. 

Back in the locker room, the first thing we did was "hit the showers" as Evan said. It was here that I realized just how much smaller I was than him. I only came up to his collar bone in height and my dick was only about half the size. 

"I'm gonna go get dressed," I told him after finishing a good rinse.
"Alright," he replied. As I walked away he smacked me on the ass with one of his giant hands. I was not quite sure what to think. I got to the locker, quickly followed by Evan. He opened it up for me and we both retrieved our things. I saw my big chance to do what I wanted and took it.

We were standing facing each other, both naked, fondling through our mess of clothes. I accidentally (on purpose) dropped one of my socks and bent down to pick it up. I then pretended to accidentally lean forward to grab the sock and as I came up my face brushed softly against the head of his cock. 

I apologized for it and he did for getting in the way. We left the club and went back to the hotel. We took the elevator up to the tenth floor where we both were staying and got off.
"Hey, your sister isn't going to be back until tonight, do you wanna hang out or something?" he asked. 

I said, "Ya," and we made our way back to my room. I got to the door and tried to use the electronic key card but it wouldn't fit in the slot. He stepped closer from behind me, pressing up against my back, and grabbed my hand and pushed the card in. It worked. 

We entered the room. He suggested that we rent a movie. So I grabbed a couple of sodas and he picked a film from the list. We sat on the bed and watched it for about fifteen minutes. By then I was so desperate to raise the sexual tension in the room that I was willing to do anything. So I did the only thing I could think of. I clumsily, and obviously, spilled the pop all over my white shirt. I jumped up and pretended to be mad. I took it off and sat back down on the bed. He looked over at me and said,
"This movie kinda sucks, huh?"

I agreed. It was not what I had wished he would say. I was hoping he would see the lust in my eyes and wrap his big arms around me. But instead he got up and told me he had to pee. He went into the bathroom.
I got up and put my stained shirt in a plastic bag. The hard on I had worked up was going away. My was not what I thought it would be. I heard him come out of the bathroom, I was turned the other way. 
He said, "Hey."

I turned around and saw his beautiful naked body once again. His big chest, his muscular legs and that . 
"This is what you"ve been hinting around about, right?" he asked.
"Ya," I replied in complete awe. "But what about my sister?"
"She won't have sex with me until we get married. I know that's only 'til next Tuesday but I can't wait that long. So get your ass on that bed and let's do some fucking."
My cock was hard again. I ran up to him and he grabbed me by the shoulders. He ran his big hands down my bare back and the stopped at my ass. He clenched it, picked me up and threw me on the bed. I landed on my back.

Evan pulled off my shoes and socks as I unbuttoned my pants, which he then slid off along with my boxers. Both of our cocks were rock hard, his like a baseball bat. I was not sure how he planned to fit that into my virgin ass. It might hurt.

He grabbed some lotion from the desk behind him and slapped it on his dick. I opened my mouth to explain the problem but he put his finger over my lips. The lotion on his finger was like cum, I could smell the dick. 

"Don't worry. I'll start out slow and work my way in," he promised me. And with that he spread my legs apart and put the head of his cock right up to my hole. I could see the pleasure in his face and the pushed farther and farther. I could feel his long shaft inside my ass, warm and throbbing. He went in with one last big push and it hurt just a little. I felt his head push with pleasure inside me. 
As Evan began to move in and out he grabbed my cock and began to pump it. His hands were so big that they were not long strokes at first but then he only used his thumb and index finger. He fucked me harder and faster. His face began to turn red. I was trying hard to hold back my orgasm. I wanted to blow on him when he came inside me.

He began to fuck faster and harder, our bodies slapping against each other. He moaned in pleasure as I told him to fuck harder. He clenched his fist around my cock and squeezed as hard as he could.
I wansn't able to hold it back any longer. I blew cum up into the air hitting his face, some getting in his mouth.

Evan then grabbed one of my wrists and pulled me up as he slid his eight inch cock out of my anus. He jerked his and pointed it at my face. I knew what he wanted so I leaned forward and opened my mouth wide. He grabbed my shoulder and gave his cock one last pump and he came. It was like a fire hose squirting all over my face. Most of it got in my mouth as a grabbed hold of his cock. He screamed out in pleasure as his clenched my shoulder tighter.

The flow slowed down and then stopped. I wrapped my mouth around his large, engorged head and sucked the rest of the cum dry.
To my his dick did not go soft as mine had. It has stayed hard and red. He put a second hand on my other xnxxv sunny leone video shoulder and pushed me back onto the bed, falling on top of me. His hard dick slid up under mine, pushing up into my ass. He started to dry hump me as my dick got hard again. 

Evan looked down at my face which was cover in cum. He licked it off my cheek and nose and he humped harder. I grabbed his ass with two hands and squeezed, which only made him go faster. We were fiercely kissing when I slipped a finger down into his ass and up the hole. 

He released from out kiss and screamed out, "OHHHHHH!" and with that he came up into my ass. He collapsed in exhaustion, his massive body on top of me. I caressed his ass as he tongued my lips.
After an hour of laying in bed together, gently touching each other, he got up, put his clothes back on and went back to his room. I never did tell my sister about what happened between me and her fianc", and I never will.