My wife and her first women

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My wife and her first women

My wife and I have been together for 25 years now we've been married for 22 and we use to experiment a little, like having sex in the same room with another couple and we even swapped twice. But the couple moved shortly after and my wife didn't want to find anyone else so we stopped.She's 50 now and IM 48 and we still fuck 3-4 times a week the most erotic thing we do anymore is watch each other masturbate.

One day about a year ago we were watching a porn movie and a gay scene came on.It was 2 guys sucking each other off.She suddenly asked me if id ever let a guy suck me off. I replied I didn't know if I could ever do that .I didn't want to come clean and tell her id had men suck me off before. I don't know what she would think of I turned it back on her and asked if she would ever suck a women's pussy.She said I don't know if I could I guess it would depend on the women. I said what about letting a women do you ? Again it would depend on the women.knowing my situation and I've had my cock sucked by men before I wanted to see if she had ever done or had a women do her,or if she'd tell me.She may lie like I did, just being embarrassed and not wanting me to think badly of her.

She said no I never had.Ive known my wife so long I can kind of tell when she's lying.somtimes anyways. She just didn't sound convincing.I said really ? Like I didn't believe her and looked at her and smiled.She looked at me and blushed. I knew she had done something before now I had to get her to tell me. I said common tell me its OK. It doesn't bother me a bit in fact I think its hot as hell. She looked at me for about 20 seconds and I could tell she was thinking about if she should tell me.

She finally said ill tell you but you never better tell another soul. I wont .She said the /first-time/">first time! My cock started getting hard right then "the first time" damm there was more than once ! She continued I was a naive girl 18 years old went to stay with my aunt.She was just divorced and needed someone to watch her kids while she looked for a job.Well I did and she had a friend Marge, who she /hung/">hung out with all the time Marge worked or she would have watched the kids for her .

But my aunt got a job and I stayed with her for the first 6 months because she worked midnights and couldn't afford a babysitter I knew her aunt well.I was interested and she continued. Marge use to come over and watch TV at night. She had to leave for work by 4 in the morning,my aunt didn't get off until 7, again or she would have watched the kids.

Well Marge lived a few doors down from my aunt. She had no kids so she would come over and watch TV with me at night and sometimes even fell asleep and stayed the night my aunt was 39 at the time. Marge was a bit older she was 46 or 47. We'd all talk about guys and I didn't really have any experience then so they normally talked and I listened. Marge and I talked about guys quite a bit when my aunt wasn't there. Id ask questions and shed give me the answers. I loved being able to find out about things like that.

At that time I'd never even thought about being with another women.or that one would even be interested in me at all. A lot of times id get ready for bed I wore an oversize t shirt and just my bikini panty's it was just her and I and the kids so I thought nothing of it at the time. I can remember Marge started asking me questions about my fantasy's and what id like a boy to do to me and we giggled and talked as she pried the answers from me in a nice way asking if id like a boy so suck my pussy and just everything id like to do and her telling me about guys sucking her off and she even told me she had some women she got together with once in awhile I remember her clear as day saying honey a women is the only one qualified to suck another women's pussy.

Then laughed she said men are OK at it, but women know what you want! I was shocked and asked her questions like you really let a women suck you off ? I sure do dear and I love it and then added who's to know ? Its just between me and the women and it makes us feel good so what's the harm ? I answered yeah I guess your right to each their own. I didn't tell her my pussy was sopping thinking of a women going down on me.I didn't picture a certain women then just a women and I masturbated over that fantasy for awhile.

I think she knew it got me hot because she would bring it up all the time after that. And seemed to like my questions when she did.I should describe Marge for you she was 5 Ft 2 had brown shoulder length hair she was maybe 30-40 lbs over weight it was almost all in her belly though her /ass/ass-legs/">ass legs and arms didn't seem to be overweight at all in fact when she wore a one piece bathing suit her thighs were thick but looked nice maybe a little bit chubby.Her pussy did poke out a little like it was a little chubby to. But she kind of turned me on at the time I was maybe 20 lbs overweight and the same as her. All in my belly.

One night we were playing cards and she told me in detail about how a women she knew had sucked her off that day. I was squirming pretty good in my chair and IM sure she must have noticed because she didn't spare any details and kept asking me if I thought that was hot after she described some lurid detail. And id blush and admit I did. That's the night it happened.

I said what happened ? Well I went in the bathroom when we were done playing and rubbed myself to a couple great cums thinking about what she had told me and the other women.She told me later she knew I was in there doing myself. After that I went to bed in my aunts room where I normally slept until she got home then she'd sleep there when I got up.

I was asleep. Marge slept on the couch that night at about 1 o clock I was asleep and started dreaming about the women Marge told me about gently rubbing my clit it was so hot I woke up and realized of course it was Marge rubbing me. I started to raise up she said lay still honey and let me make you feel good .I just looked down at her kind of /scared/">scared for minute not knowing if I really wanted this. She continued talking to me for a few minutes.

She said just lay back and no one will know dear I've been wanting to help you feel good for awhile.She kept going saying honey if you aren't enjoying it please just let me do it this once. You like me don't you ? I said yes. She said well please honey it will make me feel so good to know IM doing it to you and you've never done it before. I just want a chance to make you feel good and that will make me fell good is that OK with you ? I nodded my head at her she seemed relieved.

She looked at my pussy like a hungry wolf have you ever seen someone that's so wrapped up in their desire they forget your there? Well not forget your there, their just wrapped in it and let theirselve's go not caring what happens it seems. Yeah I think I know what your talking about.its like I was a /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy to her just the way she was breathing and when she touched me it was like I could feel how much she loved doing it it was so perverted and wrong, it made me hot as hell knowing that you know ? Yeah forbidden fruit.exactly.

I started really getting off on her, getting off on me you know ? Yeah I hear you.she looked at me and started pulling my shirt off I raised up and let her.My wife has always had /big/big-tit/">big tit's she's 42 dd now but then she was 38 dd .When my shirt came off Marge breathed out hard and whispered to herself I think ohhhhhhhh those are so nice. And for the next hour I got the feeling she was talking to herself whenever she was whispered something with that breathy whisper voice she used. Once in awhile she'd give me and instruction but it was in a normal voice not like that lustful one she used when she fondled my body.

I was getting hot hearing my wife discuss this older lady doing her up and her not knowing what to expect.she gently pushed me back down where I was laying and started sucking my its I asked her did you like it ? Yeah I did it was hot she would gently bite them and every once in awhile she would whisper like I said I think to herself oh god these are so nice. She kept sucking and then gently traced her finger tips down my belly making it twitch with anticipation.

She traced over my vulva lightly, watching me react she sat up so she could see my body quiver as she did it whispering so fucking hot tracing over and over it I was so sensitive I was shaking all over my cock was hard as a rock now I knew exactly what she was talking about id had her there many times and she was hot looking she never realized this part though when she was like this her toes always flex when her body was reacting I can always tell when she's nearing a good cum by that. Id have loved seeing this older women getting her like that.

Marge said honey I need you to raise up for me and let me put these pillow under you OK ? I nodded and raised my ass off the bed she stuffed 2 pillows under my ass I was propped pretty high she OK honey pull you knee back for me OK ? I did she got between my legs I could hear her breathing heavily as she looked at my pussy.i could feel her breath on it and it sent shivers up me.ill bet it did she laughed it did.

She took both hand and gently traced my inner thigh breathing hard like a perv that got her goodies . It made me so hot knowing she was getting off on me like that. My thighs were sooooooo sensitive my legs would tremble and she loved that she would whisper questions to me but like I said I think it was to herself the way she was saying ohhhhh isn't that nice sooooo soft so pretty she whispered thanks you's every so often to which at first creeped me out she'd whisper thank you for this dear this is so good and once she said and I've always wondered what she was going to say I've always wanted a, and then she stopped and went down and flicked my clit with her tongue I couldn't help myself I can remember just expelling air shakily out of my lungs like uh hu hahu and just shaking all over I felt so naughty feeling so good with her.

She start gently tracing over my vulva with the tip of full hd xvideo download her tongue my ass was shaking all over those pillows Jimmy she laughed. Ill never felt anything like it she'd flick my clit and id squirm and she whisper thank you for this hun oh god thank you.she moved down and flicked my asshole and that surprised me and I shook of course soooooo nice and then asked herself again in a whisper you like that huh ?This part kind of perved me out she kept saying umm you like that ? Tell me you want me to make your pussy feel good and id say it and it would seem to send a shiver through her and she'd say it again tell me baby girl you want me to make your /pussy/pussy-cum/">pussy cum dont you ? I would say yes and she did that a few times and she watch me as she did somthing to me like seeing if id squirm I could just tell she realy got off on making me squirm and my pussy twitch.I got the feeling she wanted it to be realy naughty and forbiden you know ? And then she locked on my asshole sucking it gently and started probing it with her tongue my god jimmy that was when I first started Cumming I grabbed her head and held it there.

She kept at and I came a couple more times I could feel my pussy juice running down my asshole she loved it she whispered I knew you'd taste good. She licked up my slit and just nicked my clit I trebled she whispered I love how sensitive you are.your perfect she started opening me with her tongue and my pussy was sensitive god it felt like shocks going through me with her hot breath on my pussy she very slowly pushed her tongue inside me and she had a pretty long tongue I had never noticed that about her before .

She started sucking my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole and I could feel my juice going in her mouth I was so sensitive all of a sudden she moved to my clit and started flicking and circling it I started Cuming hard and grabbed her head she kept kind of making sounds like she was eating food and it was good like umm ummmmmm and jimmy let me tell you she knew how to suck a pussy she had my little ass raising off that pillow quite a few times holding her head in my pussy and the first time she moved up to my clit and I raised my ass she reached up and started pinching my nipples she had me Cumming for 20 minutes straight until I couldn't take any more I swear I had to stop her.I know one thing she realy got off on my body though thats for sure.

When she finally took her mouth off me she just rubbed me all over watching her own hands touch my skin.finaly she said dear I need to get myself off she sat up pulled her panties off and started rubbing her bald pussy with me right there watching her she seemed to get off on me seeing her do it she looked me directly in the eyes the whole time she came over and over shoving 4 fingers up herself as she rubbed her clit hard she made a pretty /big/big-wet/">big wet spot on the bed I can tell you.

When she was done she gently touched my arm and thanked me it was so weird at the time it was like she was thanking me for my doing her a favor or something you know ? I smiled .She continued she kept saying over and over thank you so much I wanted to help you do that a long time did you enjoy it ? I told her I did she said well this should be our secret OK ? I told her I wouldn't say anything. And we left it at that.a couple night later she came over and did it to me again she never asked me to touch her she just liked doing it to me even though I was always kind of curious about what it was like.did you want to do her to ? Yeah I mean I guess . I know I would have if she asked me to it got me hot thinking about watching her rubbed and finger herself I mean I was curious you know ? Yeah I hear you.

So how did it end ?About a month later I went back home so I couldn't do it anymore.when I had to leave she was so bummed out. She kept saying come back and visit IM going free porn movies download to miss making you feel good baby I missed it too. you know she did make me feel great. heres the sad part a couple years later she went to /jail/">jail for doing this to a minor.I felt so /bad/">bad for her

And what about the other time you were saying this was the first time ?

Well what happened was.....................

To be continued