88 Killed in Suicide Attack at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan

Karachi – A suicide bombing attack at the Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine in Pakistan killed over 88 people and injured more than 340 people.

The suicide attack, claimed by Islamic terrorist outfit ISIS, took place on February 16 in Sehwan, a southern province in Sindh. Thousands of pilgrims travel from across the country towards the holy shrine every Thursday. Sindh Health Minister, Sikandar Mandhro, said that the blast took place inside the shrine, where a huge explosion instantly took the lives of multiple and injured a large section of pilgrims in the vicinity.

The Pakistani government and army have taken instant action and killed about 39 militants in an attempt to crackdown on the growing threat of terror within the country. The Paramilitary Sindh Rangers stated that they killed 18 terrorists, while police killed another 12 militants and the remaining were executed individually around the country.

The nation is facing widespread criticism for the lack of stringent security at crowded public spaces like the revered shrine. This suicide attack is one of the deadliest in Pakistan’s history, with ISIS virtually declaring war against the nation.

Source: The Hindu Aljazeera, Geo TV


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