Young Indian women boxers make India proud, bring home Gold

The young women’s boxing team from India have reinstated their exceptional skill at bare-knuckle pugilism in the city of Istanbul, by bringing home 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals from the hence concluded Ahmet Comert Boxing Tournament  on October 17,2017. The lone gold medal has been won by Soniya in a fight against Zhazira Urakabeva from Kazakhstan, under the 48 kg category.

The silver medals have been won by Niharika Gonella, Shashi Chopra , Parveen and Ankushita Boro, while bronze medals have been brought home by Tilotama Chanu, Jyoti Gulia , Lalita and Manisha.

Ahead of the final match, the team had assured the country of winning at least 9 medals on Friday, October 15, since nine of them qualified during the semi finals. the team had assured the country of winning at least 9 medals.

The Ahmet Comert Boxing Tournament attracted a total of 90 young women boxers from 11 countries like Turkey, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Thailand  Tajikistan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Australia and Mongolia.

This tournament, which is organised by Istanbul’s Boxing Federation, along with a practice session in Kazakhstan organised by Boxing Federation of India (BFI), is important for the young women boxers in order to prepare them for the forthcoming AIBA World Youth Boxing Championship that would be held at Guwahati in November this year.

BFI Chairperson Ajay Singh has high hopes from these jubilant boxers, and with World Boxing tournament coming to India, he shared even higher aspirations saying, “This shows that the world fraternity has accepted us back into the fold. We can only go higher from here.”

Sources: Indian Express, Times of India

Kim Jong-un threatens with a missile launch over Japan

North Korea fired an intermediate range ballistic missile about 733 miles off the eastern shore of the Northern Japanese Island in the Pacific at 6 AM (local time) that travelled right above the populous island of Hokkaido. In response to the crisis, Japanese state launched its J-Alert warning system wherein people of Northern island were advised to seek a shelter elsewhere. In a phone call with the American President Trump, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has decided to hold an emergency meeting in the UN in order to find a means to tackle this precarious behaviour of Pyongyang.

North Korea had earlier threatened to launch an intercontinental missile over Guam region of US and a missile launch like this over Japan can be a precedent to a similar attack on the US. Trump has expressed “100 per cent” support from the US towards Japan.

On the other hand, China has given a diplomatic response to the situation with Foreign Ministry saying that China cannot be the party to be blamed since “one party holds constant military exercises … and the other is constantly launching missiles?”. Hua Chunying was referring to the military exercise between US and South Korean troops.

At the ongoing United Nations Conference in Geneva, North Korean diplomat Han Tai Song has defended his nation saying, “Now that the US has openly declared its hostile intention towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, by waging aggressive joint military exercises despite repeated warnings … my country has every reason to respond with tough countermeasures as an exercise of its right to self-defence”.Japan has, as a safety measure, deployed Patriot missile defence systems.

Sources – The Guardian, Al Jazeera

North Korea says no to negotiations with United States

Hand of friendship offered by United States towards North Korea in exchange of an end to missile test launches has been responded by a traditional retaliatory stance by North Korean. N.Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho reinforced that his country “will under no circumstances, put the nukes and ballistic rockets” on the table for negotiations.

In last one month, North Korea has tested two ballistic missiles, with it’s reach being rival countries i.e. South Korea, Japan, and a major part of the United States. This is why United Nations on August 5, 2017 passed sanctions forwarded by United States, as a means of punishment for the nuclear power-armed South Asian nation.

According to reports by the Washington Post, these sanctions will cause a revenue loss worth $1 billion mainly by curb on coal export. Talking about the stringent action against North Korea, US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley said that this is the first time that this amount of “economic sanctions package” has been “leveled against the North Korean regime”.

China, who has been the only ally to North Korea, has also supported the sanctions with it’s Foreign Minister committing to a ‘100 %’ resolution towards the UN sanctions. However, the state-run newspaper People’s Daily has expressed disapproval saying, “Sanctions must avoid causing negative impacts to ordinary people..”.

Sources: Washington Post, NDTV

Right to Privacy: An unenumerated right or an absolute right?

A nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court which was setup to look into the issue of Aadhar Card and it’s infringement into Right to Privacy said that Privacy is not an absolute right.

Justice Chelameswar called the term privacy an ‘amorphous’ term, while Justice Chandrachud, another member of the 9 member bench, mentioned that we need to know the ‘contours’, ‘contents’ and ‘obligations’ under the definition of privacy, to the petitioners.

Attorney General K.K. Venugopal, who was representing the Centre, said that there was a reason why the Constitution makers did “consciously avoid” putting Right to Privacy under the Constitution.

The petitioners represented by senior lawyers Gopal Subramanium, Soli Sorabjee, Shyam Divan and Arvind Datar, said that Right to Privacy can be derived from Article 21 i.e. Right to Liberty.

Lawyer Sorabjee even compared Privacy with Freedom of Press saying that Freedom of Press has also been derived as an unenumerated right under Article 19 (1) i.e. Right to Freedom of Expression. As many as 30 rights have been taken from existing rights as unenumerated rights, as reported by Scroll.

The court would also be hearing the petitioners on Thursday, July 20, 2017 before reserving their judgement.

News Sources- The Hindu, NDTV 

FIR against AIB for defaming the Prime Minister

In response to a complaint by a twitter user Reetesh Maheshwari on official twitter handle of Mumbai Police, Mumbai Police has registered an FIR (50/2017) against All India Bakchod for allegedly disrespecting the “honourable Prime Minister” by using a dog-filter on PM Modi’s lookalike. Mumbai Police, in their tweet, mentioned that the case has been forwarded to the crime branch for defaming the prime leader.


This is not the first time that a case has been filed against AIB, in fact another case was filed against AIB back in 2014 when they organised a AIB Knockout, which was supposedly contained controversial content. AIB immediately removed the meme when a series of trolling began by the Modi supporters and Mumbai Police registered a case. The company is owned by Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya and Gursimran Khamba.


AIB is known for creating liberal video content on online medium since the time they incorporated their company in 2013. From the time of its inception, AIB has been creating flak for showcasing satirical content with videos like Rape: It’s not your fault, starring Kalki Koechlin; The times of boobs, Harassment through the ages and many others.

Sources: The Hindu, NDTV

President approves ordinance allowing traditional buffalo racing game of Karnataka

Months after the Karnataka Government passed an ordinance in February to legalise the buffalo and/or bullock racing game of Kambala, after massive protests in the state, the President of India has finally approved prevention of cruelty to animals (Karnataka Amendment) Ordinance, 2017.
Earlier President Pranab Mukherjee had sent the bill back to the government since it included an ambiguous statement i.e. that the law is, “subject to such other conditions as may be prescribed”, which meant that the law may or may not apply to sports other than Kambala, as reported by One India. In the amended ordinance, only Kambala, the 800-year-old traditional sport is allowed to be legally played in the state.
The country saw massive agitation in southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, after protests in the latter over legalisation of Jallikattu (bull-taming sport). In 2014, sports like Jallikattu and Kambala were banned by the Supreme Court, after cases were filed by animal rights organisations, since the sport is a crime under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
Supporters of the sport have endorsed the game by calling it an emblem of ‘agrarian culture’ that is believed to please the gods and give good harvest to the village, according to TOI.
News Sources- India Today, One India 

Sensex closes at slight higher percentage, but faces first monthly loss

The Indian stock market faced a sense of volatility on Friday, June 30, ahead of the midnight launch of the GST tax regime in the country. During the early hours of the day, the Sensex fell 150 points, but closed at a slightly higher benchmark. BSE rose by 64 points at 0.21%, while on the other the Nifty rose 16.80 points to close at 0.18%.
This unstable economic condition is the harbinger of a new tax regime that will apply to 1.3 billion people in a $2 trillion economy. As reported by the Financial Express, Siddharth Sedani, head of equity advisory  at Anand Rathi, said that “there is some kind of profit-booking and sideways consolidation in the market, so so most sectors are volatile.”
The Auto industry is facing difficult times with the Nifty Auto Index indicating a 0.9% fall. In fact, stocks of Indigo Airline’s parent company InterGlobe Communications fell by 5.5% when the company mentioned its interest to invest in Air India.
Other sectors like FMCG, consumer durables, healthcare and power performed well in indexes when the market closed at 3:30 pm on June 30, 2017.