Hurricane Maria became the strongest storm to make landfall in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria is battering Puerto Rico as a powerful category 4 storm, bringing “catastrophic” 155Mph winds, cutting electricity and phone lines, sending thousands of people into shelters and raising the possibility of deadly floods. The Puerto Rico is experiencing the new misery after the region has seen two other powerful hurricanes, Irma and Jose, in recent weeks.

As the hurricane landfall, the residents across the island were awakened by the uproar of bolstering wind bursts. “For Irma, we were very prepared,” Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said on CNN “Unfortunately, of course, now we’re feeling a second storm in two weeks, and this one much more devastating than the first one. Who knows what the damage will be?”

He warned, major flooding and mudslides are major concerns, and the rain that follows the brunt of the storm could be just as threatening as the winds. More than 10,000 Puerto Ricans followed calls to take refuge in shelters before the storm made landfall.

President Trump and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló declared emergency ahead of Maria’s arrival.

News Sources: New York Times, WGNTV

Bhutan and Japan bilateral relationship have benefited both

Bhutan and Japan bilateral relationship have benefitted both the countries, according to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) executive senior vice president, Kazuhiko Koshikawa. He was in the country for a four-day visit from September 15 to18.

Kazuhiko Koshikawa said that the Japanese learned a lot from Bhutan in terms of Gross National Happiness (GNH) concept. “We work too many hours and the idea of happiness shocked our people,” he said. “That’s why today many people in Japan talk about GNH.”

He said young Japanese volunteers, who stay in the country learn GNH. “This is Bhutan’s contribution in developing the human resources of Japan.”

Kazuhiko Koshikawa also said that His Majesty the King’s speech in 2011 was the inspiration to the Japanese people. “Japan has learned many lessons over the years as it developed.”

He said the machinery that Japan donated about 40 years ago was still in use indicating proper care and maintenance. “The taxpayers in Japan would be happy to know that their money has been used productively.”

News Sources- Kuensel Online

Thimphu Prepares for annual Tshechu

In preparation for the much awaited Thimphu Tshechu, which begins next week, Thimphu Thromde has allocated 440 stalls to shopkeepers along the Norzin Lam. For each stall along the Norzin lam are charged Nu 1500 a day and stall at Changlingmithang will cost Nu.1000.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said Tshechu is not all about mask dances. “It is also about entertainment and social gathering to spend time with family and friends,” he said. “A person can go witness mask dances for few hours and then come back, shop and can go Changlingmithang to have lunch. We need to promote that sort of city life.”

He said that the thromde not only promotes Tshechu as an annual celebration but also for business opportunities. “However, we will not allow unethical things such as gambling and games involving darts and dices, as we have order from the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs to prohibit such activities.”

He said due to limited space thromde would not entertain any business person or shopkeepers which falls out of the Thimphu Vicinity.To manage waste thromde will deploy garbage trucks and road sweeping machines.

Traffic along the Norzin Lam will remain closed from September 29 to October 2

News Sources- Kuensel Online

Hafiz Saeed’s JuD a terrorist organisation to contest in Pakistan general election in 2018

Hafiz Saeed a man behind Mumbai terror attack will contest in Pakistan general election in 2018. His venture into Pakistan’s political scene announcement was made after its candidate finished third in a crucial by-poll.

In the month of August, the Hafiz Saeed’s outfit Jammat-ud-Dawah (JuD) announced the launching of Milli Muslim League (MML), which was formed at a time when Saeed was detained in Lahore. Sheikh Yaqoob, a JuD-backed candidate recently lost to Kulsoom Nawaz, the wife of overthrown Prime minister Nawaz Sharif from a parliamentary seat that fell vacant after Supreme Court disqualified him. Yaqoob desired to contest election from MML that was launched just before NA-120 by-pool but could not achieve, as it is yet to be registered political party by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

It was stated that the MML wants to strengthen Pakistan against its enemies like India, USA, and Israel, with the mentality to improve the basic livelihood of the people. JuD was tagged as a terrorist organization in 2014 by the USA and has a bounty of USD 10 million on the head of its leader.

News Sources- Times of India

China opens strategic highway in Tibet to the Nepal border

World economic giant China has opened its highway in Tibet to the Nepal border. A move that Chinese experts say will enable China to venture into South Asia.

The 40.4-kilometre highway in Tibet with a short section linking the national highway to the Nepal border could be used for civilian as well as for the purpose of Defence. The highway will curtail the journey from an hour to 30 minutes between the dual-use civil and military airport and Tibet’s second-largest city.

The highway “will enable China to forge a route into South Asia in both economic and defense terms” a state-run ‘Global Times’ quoted.  China has been pacing its effort to improve road connectivity between Tibet and Nepal as well as plans to connect railway to Nepal’s border. The move was initiated after China and Nepal signed a Transit Trade Treaty last year.

China’s move to venture into South Asia through an extension of road and railway connectivity has to consider the geographical passage through India, Bhutan and to Bangladesh. Chinese official believes the project was feasible and will create trade corridor for India and China if India accepts the offer.

News Sources- Times of India, NDTV

President Donald Trump shares US spotlight at UN Gathering with Ambassador to the United Nations

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump will take his first world stage at the United Nations this week along with his envoy Nikki Haley the public face of US foreign policy.  The diplomat says MS Haley, the then governor of South Carolina has stood out as a high-profile member of president trumps administration, out-casting the secretary of the state Mr. Rex Tillerson despite lack of experience in foreign policy.  A senior European diplomat said, for the US Nikki Haley is remarkable and someone who is very approachable and politically very assertive. Which is hard to find in the Trump administration.

Ms. Haley has a potential to take over from Mr. Tillerson at some point and can see her long-term objective is for the presidency, the diplomat said. Though Ms. Haley dismisses speculation and told Mr. Tillerson is not going anywhere and she use to work well with him.  President Trump’s speech on Tuesday at the UN General Assembly will serve as the privilege to explain his foreign policy vision expressed in his America First agenda.

News Sources- NDTV, DNA

World Archery Style to be introduced in Bhutan

Bhutan has taken part in three international compound archery competitions so far. The best result Bhutanese achieved was last year from the 12th South Asain Games in Shillong, where the team bagged silver and bronze respectively.

The new format of archery playing has immersed the old traditional format. The most popular format currently in use is Yangphel Style. In this format, three teams of six players get to shoot a target placed at 145 meters apart for 15 rounds, a team who scores highest wins the game.

The popular Yangphel style replaced traditionally practiced format in 1997. In the traditional format, two teams with 11 members will compete to make 25 points to win the match. Yangphel Archery committee will organize a compound archery competition next month to enhance the Bhutanese archers to know the international standards. In this format, the target is placed at 50 meters and players must strike the center with the 80 cm target face with concentric rings giving one point from five to 10.

The committee is currently conducting familiarization workshop to create awareness on the international style of compound archery competition, which is also known as World Archery Style.

News Source- Kuensel Online