Muslim family murdered their Daughters Hindu lover over religious animosity



Image Source: NDTV

The murder of a 23-year-old photographer in Khyala has sparked communal tension in West Delhi. The family members of the accused girl alleged the deceased man of having an illegal relationship with the woman and attacked him. The victim allegedly was attacked by the brothers and uncles of his supposed girlfriend. The victim was beaten and his throat was slashed publicly, with the murder spot covered in a pool of blood.

Sources said that the family members of the woman were against the relationship due to the difference of their religious communities. But, the victim was dating the 20-year-old woman for last three years despite condemnation by the woman’s family.

The victim’s mother rushed to the scene on being alerted by the commuters only to find her son being stabbed.

The victim and his girlfriend, a second-year college student started their relationship when they were neighbors a few years ago. They continued the relationship even after her family moved away. A source quoted that they are going to marry. He had promised her that he will marry her, so she had decided to continue on with the relationship. She was on her way to see him he was stabbed by her relatives.

Senior police officer Vijay Kumar said the victim was stabbed in the neck. The woman’s family was against the relationship and had warned the victim against associating with her on earlier occasions. The woman’s family members were arrested along with minor bother, who was allegedly involved in the public killing.

Source: NDTV, The Quint 

Salesman held for raping 12-yr-old in Chandigarh

Rape accused Shammi Kumar (left) on the way to district courts proceeding in Chandigarh
Image Source: HT


Chandigarh, Feb 11: A 21-year-old salesman working for Bansal Superstore was arrested for raping his 12-year old neighbor in Chandigarh’s Daddu Marja Colony. The accused has confessed to the crime, along with his involvement in many other sexual assaults as per the sources.

Investigating officer for the case, sub-inspector Ashok said that the accused, Shammi Kumar, a salesman at Bansal Superstore in sector 7, Chandigarh, has also confessed sexually assaulting many other minor girls of his colony since the past two years. The accused live in the colony’s char Manzila quarters with other families of the victims-past and present ones, which made it easy for him to prey on them. One of the victims was his girlfriend who is just 16 years old.

The case indicates the need for parents to be cautious and watchful about their minor children when left home alone, while they are away at work. The sub-inspector added that Incidents like this are on rise in colonies of Chandigarh. The source said Kumar threatened the 12-year-old victim with dire consequences if she filed a complaint. Kumar has been sent to 14 days of judicial custody

However, relatives of Kumar said the case was falsely implicated. They stated that he was away for work at the time of the crime and therefore could not have been involved in it.

Source: Hindustan Times, NewsZ

Relapse of epidermodysplasia verruciformis case stunts Doctors in Bangladesh



Abul Bajandar’s hands covered in the growths after 12 months of cure
Image Source: AFP

DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Abul Bajandar, a rickshaw –puller of Bangladesh who had been dubbed “tree man” had recovered a year ago from his rare genetic condition of epidermodysplasia verruciformis, generally known as a “tree man disease”. But a year after doctors declared him cured following 24 surgeries, Bajandar’s hands and feet are once again covered in the fungus growths that characterize his rare condition.

Surgeon Samanta Lal Sen, who hailed his cure as a milestone in the history of medicine admits that the case of Bajandar is more complicated than what it was thought of. Bajandar was unable to work for years and his family lives in the hospital. He said that he fears that he will never be cured. “I am scared to have any more surgeries. I don’t think my hands and feet will be okay again,” the 27-year-old added.

A free treatment was conducted by the Dhaka Medical college hospital based on his rare condition. So far more than five kilograms of fungal growth has been removed from his hands and feet. Surgeon Sen said medical team thought that it had achieved a cure for him but with relapse, it will be a time-consuming case. But the team will keep on investigating to reach an ultimate solution, though it will be hard to assure when it will be done.

Source: NDTV, News Broadcast Network

19-year-old boy mauled to death by bull during Jallikattu

Image Courtesy: Associated Press/R. Parthibhan
An man tries to tame a bull during a traditional bull-taming festival called “Jallikattu,” in the village of Palamedu, near Madurai, Tamil Nadu state.

Madurai, January 16: A 19-year-old boy was gored to death by a bull during a Jallikattu, a bull-taming event at Palamedu, in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. The deceased was a participant in the first round of the event. The event was held as a part of Pongal festivities in the district.

Source quoted that the deceased was playing with the bull outside the arena, after his turn in the event got over when the bull attacked him. Around 25 spectators suffered injuries during the event.  Around 1,000 bulls were issued token to mark the event, where only 450 bulls were released at the end of the event.

The Madurai district administration, which governs the event, claimed that the preparation for the event was all set to welcome thousands of people. Around 50,000 to 1 lakh spectators are expected to witness the three-day event, said the district administration.

The festive event was brought to nations attention last year with massive protest, forcing Tamil Nadu government to pass an ordinance on the event. This year, the Animal welfare board of India has instructed the state government to comply with new safety rules and regulations while conducting the event. It is not to hurt the sentiments of culture but to protect the animals from cruelty, the board added.

Source: The Indian Express, India TV News

Mamata Banerjee assures industrialists to invest in West Bengal

Image Courtesy: Arun Sharma/HT File Photo
CM Mamata Banerjee said Bengal holds potential in power, port, agro-based industries, IT and ITes, urban development, health and education and many other sectors.

Kolkata, January 16:  In order to encourage foreign investment in West Bengal, chief minister Mamata Banerjee said people of the state will dedicate their heart to Indian and foreign investors if they are willing to infuse the capital in the state. She also claimed that there is no discrimination, pressure, and intimidation in the state. Bengal has love and affection for the investors. The move was much needed to assure the investors and woo the much-needed capital to the sate.

The state is opening its business opportunity and attracting its investors never like before. If you invest in Bengal, the state will give you everything. We cannot invest but can promise our dedication and hearts to the investors. We love India and support the unity of India. We are tolerance; we do not “discriminate, and intimidate”.  And Bengal state has only “love and affection” for the investors. She said.

The prominent Industrialists, including LN Mittal of Arcelor Mittal, Sajjan Jindal of JSW Steel among many others attended the business summit. Among oversees Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, the UK and the UAE are represented at the mega business gathering.

The chief minister also stressed the potential that states holds, like of power, port, agro-based industries, IT, urban development, education and health and many others. She said West Bengal shares boundaries with neighbouring countries of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and it is a perfect gateway for investors, for this she appealed to them to come to the state.

The chief minister further assured investors to consider Bengal as home and that the state will work with transparency, accountability, credibility, sincerity, and punctuality.


Sources: Hindustan Times, Firstpost

HH Dalai Lama Inaugurates Second Edition of National Teachers Congress

Image Courtesy: Lobsang Tsering/
HH the Dalai Lama adressing the audience at the 2nd National Teachers’ Congress at MAEER MIT World Peace University in Kothrud, Pune

Pune, January 10: Second edition of the National Teacher’s Congress was inaugurated at the MIT World Peace University in Kothrud, Pune, by Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. Addressing the inauguration, Dalai Lama hailed India’s unique potential to become a world leader capable of combining ancient wisdom with modern science.

He remarked he was the student of ancient Indian knowledge and finds many among the audience showing genuine interest in his explanations.

The National Teachers Congress, started in 2016, works with the objective to instigate and encourage teachers of Higher Education from across the nation. The Congress takes place for three days with extensive deliberations and dialogues. The aim of Congress is to awaken the spirit of teachers to look beyond the monetary values and develop the wider value impact on the society through this noble profession. The Congress is the common platform for every teacher to learn and know about national issues and to create awareness of it. Every year around 8, 000 teachers attend the deliberations.

An eighth-century Tibetan emperor once invited top masters from the Nalanda University. Tibet has preserved the Nalanda tradition for over 1,000 years even as Indians have forgotten it. Now is the time that India must revive its past through rigorous study.

– HH Dalai Lama

In view of the recent violence during 200th-anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Bhima Koregaon, His Holiness lamented that religion is the personal business and its ones own choice; whichever religion he or she follows is totally the personal matter. The society should not mobilise or create groups based on the religion. India is the country where different religion coexists together and has the great sense of tolerance and acceptance. It has become a wonderful place to live for people across faiths, especially those arriving from the Middle East in the form of Christianity or Islam.

His Holiness put his faith in India that he can foresee the possibilities of religious tolerance despite India being the young and complicated nation.

Source: Hindustan Times, The Indian Express

Four coaches of Patna-Mokama passenger train completely gutted in fire

Four coaches and an engine of the Patna-Mokama passenger train caught fire on the intervening night between Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The incident happened around 1 am when railway staff spotted the fire in one of the coaches. The train reached Mokam railway station at 10:30 pm.

The train was stationed at Mokama railway yard, 90 Kilometers east of Patna when the incident occurred. The railways employees, local GRP and RPF rushed to the spot to contain the fire but unfortunately, the fire spread to other coaches being completely gutted.

According to sources, at the time of the incident, the train was supposed to be moved to the yard for cleaning.

The railways spokesperson said the fire did not hamper the daily train services in the sector. The Divisional Railway Manager is currently assessing the situation. He also said the fire has been brought under control and there had luckily been no casualties. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Chairman of the Railway Board, Ashwani Lohani told Press Trust of India that train accidents had decreased by 40-45%. With hope to reduce them even further, Mr. Lohani stated that the prime focus this year was to address safety, maintenance and cleanliness of trains and railway premises.