Kim Jong Un “begging for war” says US Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador to United Nations, Nikki Haley said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was “begging for war” during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday.
Haley began her remarks by urging the council to adopt strongest possible measures to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear program. Citing the history of UN incremental approach against North Korea, Haley said that the security council’s response has not been able to stop Korea’s nuclear progress.
On Sunday, North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test since 2006, which was claimed as a hydrogen bomb by Kim Jong Un’s government.
After the latest test, United States President Donald Trump tweeted saying that the United States is considering ” stopping all trade” with any countries doing trade with North Korea which includes China, the largest trading partner of America. Haley in the emergency meeting also indirectly called out China for its business with North Korea.
During the emergency meeting, Liu Jeiyi, China’s representative to the UN stressed on the crisis to be peacefully solved and also made it clear that China will not support any war and chaos on Peninsula.
Recently, United states President Donald Trump has said that “talking is not answer” and supporting Trump’s statement, Defence Secretary James Mattis has warned of a massive military response to any threat from North Korea against the United states.


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Thousands of women gather at Pashupatinath temple in Nepal for Teej

On August 24, thousands of women visited Pashupatinath temple in Nepal to celebrate the festival of Hartalika Teej. According to the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT), around 700,000 devotees visited the temple on this day to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. For Nepalese women, this is an important festival, where the married women pray for marital bliss and prosperity and unmarried women observe it to find a suitable husband.

Approximately 5,000 cops, from the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force, were deployed for security of the devotees, visiting the temple. The PADT authorities created specific facilities to avoid long queue hours but simultaneously discontinued the ticketing system for devotees who want quick darshan. Arrangements for the convenience of elderly and disabled people were also taken care off by the temple authorities.

Health camps were set up to provide emergency medical services to devotees. In addition to this, provisions for an information center, and mobile toilets were also made for the festival day. Due to the large footfall, traffic police divisions were set up to avoid road congestion.

Alike past years, this year too, the Teej festivity was observed with much excitement and joy all over Nepal. Women in red danced and sang in the Shiva temples, and the fasting didn’t seem to bother anyone.

Meanwhile, President Bidya Devi Bhandari extended her warm wishes to all the Nepalese women, who celebrated Teej in the country.
Sources: The Kathmandu PostThe Himalayan Times


Vishal Sikka’s Journey as the Infosys CEO

On 16th July 2014, Vishal Sikka got appointed as the first non-founder CEO at infosys, the second largest Indian IT service company. After 3 years and 2 months of duration of his employment, Sikka resigned from the post on Friday.
Sikka gave Personal attack as a reason for his departure. In a letter addressing his employees, he, quoted, ” It is clear to me that despite our successes over the last three years and the power seeds of innovation that we have sown, I cannot carry out my job as the CEO and continue to value, while also constantly defending against unrelenting , baseless , malicious and increasingly personal attacks”. Post Sikka’s resignation, the share market value of infosys dropped by over 9%.
During his tenure as the CEO and MD, the company witnessed 13.3% growth in its revenue with net profit of Rs 2000 crore. More than 25 new services were launched in his tenure that rose the revenue from 0% in April 2015 to 8.3 percent in the last quarter. Despite a disturbed business environment, Sikka managed to keep up the company’s operating margin at par with the major Indian IT firms.
After the revenue growth during 2015-16, Sikka had set a very high goal which was more than doubling Infosys’ revenue to US $250 billion, with margins of 30% and employee productivity of US $80000, which was later admitted by the board and Sikka as “impossible to achieve”. During the same fiscal year, 325 clients were added, higher than the 200 clients acquired in previous five years, and the cumulative value of large deals rose to US $2.7 billion from US $1.9 billion.
In 2016, Sikka launched ‘Zero distance’ drive plan to increase the productivity by pushing employees to come up with different ways to solve costumer’s problems.
In February 2017, Sikka  was alleged of buying an Israeli Company, Panaya, for six time it’s revenue in 2015. He was also alleged of having agreed to a huge payout for Rajiv Bansal, the former CEO of Infosys. When Narayan Murthy asked the board to release the full investigation reports related to the deal, it was refused. Later on, the US law firm “Gibson Dunn & Crutcher” gave the company a clean chit post on independent Forensic investigations.
Sikka’s high salary was always questioned by the company’s founders to which the board always linked to his steep performance. In the year 2015-16 his salary was increased by 85 percent from the previous year while the increase in the median employee salary was only 6.4%.
Many Indian companies were facing a lot of problems in doing business in the United States after Donal Trump got appointed as the president, Sikka saw many opportunity in this situation and was quoted saying that he sees tremendous opportunity to do innovative work and that Indian companies have a bright future.
Under Sikka’s reign, the company yielded many profits. However, several controversies surrounding him, failure of governance and founders’ criticism eventually led him to submit his resignation.
Image Source: CNBC address screengrab

United States marines aircraft crashes

The United States Marines helicopter crashed off the east coast of Australia when it was conducting its regular scheduled operations on Saturday.
Military sources said that the accident happened when the marine was trying to land in USS Ronald Regan. According to the officials, the 31st marine expeditionary unit and Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary strike group immediately took part in rescue operations after the mishap. The quick rescue operation led to the saving of several soldiers.
Twenty-six personnel were on board the aircraft out of which twenty-six have been rescued. The search is going on for the three missing Marines.
Australian Defence Minister Mairse Payne confirmed that no Australian Force was on board on the aircraft.
Just a week ago, 15 marines and navy were killed when a marine corps plane crashed. 70% of marine crops fighter jets can’t fly due to a shortage of spare parts and year of budget cuts has resulted in decreased number of flights. Such kinds of accidents have been bringing a lot of questions lately regarding flight safety and security.
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