Honour Killing in the Capital


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A 21- year old student, studying in a leading college of Delhi was allegedly killed by her family members, for marrying a boy from another caste and region. While she was a Yadav from Rajasthan, the boy is from Punjab. The victim, Bhavna, had secretly married Abhishek Seth, a 24- year old assistant programmer at the Cabinet Secretariat, on November 12 and was strangled to death by her parents on November 15. After killing her at home in Southwest Delhi, they took her body to their hometown, Alwar and secretly cremated her.

The girl was cajoled to return home after the marriage with the promise that they would be forgiven and they would organize a ‘proper’ wedding ceremony. Abhishek said that Bhavna’s father asked them to not make the marriage public as their reputation would be ruined. “He told us that they would organize a proper marriage very soon so that they did not feel insulted in their community. After promising not to retract from his words, he took Bhavna away. I agreed, considering that their family prestige was at stake.”

When Bhavna did not answer Abhishek’s calls or texts on November 16, he got worried. Bhavna’s cousin informed him that she had died. Abhishek, then, filed an FIR under sections of abduction and a police team was sent to Alwar. On questioning, Bhavna’s parents told the police that she died of snakebite. After repeated interrogations they broke down and confessed to the killing. The police arrested the parents and sent them to judicial custody to Tihar jail.

Sources say that the cops will have to rely on scientific evidence as the family conducted the murder carefully without leaving many clues. It will also be difficult to collect evidence as the body has already been cremated.

Manipuri youth attacked in Bengaluru


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Bengaluru : Nearly a month after three students from the Northeast were beaten up by locals in Bengaluru, a similar case occurred on Thursday, injuring a 25-year old Manipuri youth.

The youth, who has been allegedly attacked by three men, has lodged a complaint with the police. The youth, however has been hospitalized.

Such racist attacks on people who are considered as ‘outsiders’, are forever on the rise, the attacks are seen to be especially directed towards people from northeast.

In October this year, three ‘English speaking’ Northeast students were attacked by localities for not speaking in Kannada. In 2010, Benguluru saw a mass exodus of Northeastern population under the fear of being attacked, due to rumors that put the security of the people at stake.

The increasing number of racist attacks in the State is an indication of the intolerance prevalent in the State.

Netanyahu Vows “Harsh Response” to Win a “Battle of Jerusalem”

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Two Palestinian men armed with a gun and a meat cleaver killed five people. Of the five killed four were U.S citizens. Obama condemned the attack and in his statement said that many Palestinians and Israeli’s had lost their lives in the recent incidents of violence and called on both sides to lower tension.

Four of the killed were ordained rabbis and the fifth victim was a police officer who had responded to the scene. The police officer was shot at and he later died of his injuries. There were about 25 people praying in a service when the attack happened.

The police shot the two Palestinians dead who have been identified by Palestinian media as cousins Udai Abu and Ghassan Jamal from Jabal Mukaber district in Jerusalem.

According to Israel’s ambulance service at least eight people were grievously injured making this the deadliest attack since 2008 when a Palestinian gunman had killed eight people in a religious school in the city.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a militant organization took responsibility for the attack calling it a heroic operation. Palestinian radio has dubbed the attackers as martyrs and Hamas has praised the killings.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister has called the attack a part of battle over Jerusalem and has accused Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbasof inciting violence. He also warned in his statement that Israel will settle the score with every terrorist and their dispatchers. Whereas, President Abbas condemned the attack on Jewish worshippers.

In the light of the attack, fearing a new Palestinian uprising, Israel’s Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitchhas called for partial easing of gun control so that security guards and military officer can carry weapons even while off duty.


Source: Reuters

Charles Manson, fiancee get marriage license


The culprit for arousing a quasi-commune in the California desert, Charles Milles Manson, is back in headlines. The American criminal and a musician held guilty in ruthlessly conspiring the murder of actor Sharon Tate along with 4 others is all set to get married. His hair might have greyed, but the stare remains. The eyes which once reflected the hope and desperate rage to emerge as America`s ruler through “Helter Skelter”, his concept of an apocalyptic race war seem to have captivated the love of 26-year old Rose.

What started as a burglary in a local grocery store gradually led to the evolution of a brutal murderer. And like every famous man gets a fan following, Manson was also bestowed with the support of his right-hand group, The Manson Family. It has been 45 year since his imprisonment in Corcoran State Prison; but the mastermind continues to garner attention. “I love him,” Star declares. “I’m with him.” But this closeness is likely to counter a barrier as Manson isn’t eligible for parole until 2027.

Last year, in an interview to Rolling Stone magazine, Afton Ellaine Borton, who goes by the name Star, unveiled the news about the marriage. However Manson, still unsure about tying the knot reacted saying, “That’s a bunch of garbage. That’s trash. We’re playing that for public consumption.” This came as no surprise owing the moxie of his first marriage where he jilted his 17-year old pregnant wife to resume a life of crime.

Born in Ohio to an unmarried 16-year old girl who was both alcoholic and a prostitute, Manson is believed to have had an impoverished and troubled childhood. Despite a high IQ, he was made to oscillate between reform schools due to his inability to read or write properly. Soon, his mother and uncle were arrested for holding up a service station. By the age of 13, he had already gained enough experience robbing casinos and shops at gunpoint.

Considered a victim of psychic trauma resulting from rejection and instability, Manson was arrested for various petty crimes without any heavy charges being imposed on him. Whether it was the rape of a male co-prisoner from McNeil Island prison in Washington State for ten years or pimping and passing off stolen checks, each time Manson escaped severe punitive actions even after being incarcerated. This further fuelled his insanity fetching him descriptions like ‘dangerous’ ‘unpredictable’ and ‘safe only under supervision’. His brutal slayings include the renowned ‘Tate-La Bianca’ killings, which have projected him as a living embodiment of evil.

The Manson case resonates with a typical Hitchcock thriller with elements like drugs, orgies and cults, the primary concerns of parents nurturing their children in a “free love” culture. Also it is worthy to point that the case also emerged at a time when there were intense divisions over civil rights and race. “There are thousands of evil, polished conmen out there, and we’ve had more brutal murders than the Manson murders,” Bugliosi, the prosecuting attorney at Manson’s trial, told Rolling Stone magazine in 2012, “So why are we still talking about Charles Manson?”

David Wilson, Professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University thinks that Manson`s persistence as a cultural icon teaches Americans their own negligence towards threats and disturbances they commonly face. This, coinciding with his personal charisma, contributed to his unrelenting identity as a murderer. He further notes that “Psychopaths are incredibly charming and persuasive. To get you under control, to court you, they appear to give their complete and utter attention.”

Pharma company Director shot at


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This morning, K. Nityananda Reddy, the Director and Vice Chairman of Aurobindo Pharma was shot at by an unidentified person at Banjara Hills Hyderbad.

After Mr. Reddy finished his morning walk at KBR Park, the attacker, carrying an AK 47 gun got into the rear seat of his car and tried to fire at Mr. Reddy. The front and back windshields of his Audi are shattered, though no instance of injury has been reported.

A witness to the attack said that Mr. Reddy returned fire at the attacker with a pistol, though some other reports state otherwise. Another report says that Mr. Reddy was in a struggle with the attacker, when Prasad Reddy, his brother, walked up to the car.

The attacker panicked and ran into a nearby building, leaving an AK 47 gun and a bag behind in the vehicle.

K. Nityananda Reddy owns Aurobindo Pharma, the fourth biggest drug maker in the country.

Saradha scam: CBI conducts searches in four cities


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CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) carried out investigations regarding the Saradha and Seasshore chit funds scam in 4 cities including Mumbai and Delhi. The searches were carried out in the residence of a Rajya Sabha MP of Odisha and also in Kolkata.

In Bhubaneswar Pyarimohan Mohapatra told reporters, “I welcome the CBI’s search at my residence. They CBI searched my residence this morning and have taken away some documents including my bank pass book, property records, party documents and others what was required for investigation”

This probe may cause embarrassment for the Naveen Patnaik government as the group is involved in different projects in a Public-Private arrangement. The situation grows tense as many political figures in Odisha have faced questions in this matter.

Rajat Mukherjee the former Director General (state armed police) and Vice President of Trinamool Congress and East Bengal Club Official Debabrata Sarkar were named in the FIR. The CBI took action after the agency filed its second charge sheet against Saradha group of companies in West Bengal.

Violent outbreak at Rampal’s ashram in Haryana


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In Hisar district of Haryana at Rampal ashram premises supporters of Rampal opened fire and stones on the police as an 11 day standoff. ‘Godman’ Rampal has been hiding in Satlok ASHRAM for around two weeks. On Tuesday, hundreds of people had been detained at the ashram.

On the other hand, to handle the situation police also fired back tear gas shells. The ashram in Barwala turned into a warzone.Followers as well as journalists were also injured. The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Monday gave the Government time till Friday to produce Rampal. In and around the ashram the followers have been asked to disperse.

Inside the Satlok Ashram a large number of followers were “forced” to stay by the baba. People were facing difficulty in getting food and water and even power supply had stopped.

According to the State Government, Rampal is unwell and cannot be arrested but the judges said that the government lacks the will to arrest him. The 63 year old Rampal skipped court dates 43 times in four years.