Narendra Modi sworn in as Gujarat CM

Narendra Modi who led the BJP to an unequivocal victory,was  sworn in as Gujarat Chief Minister for the fourth time today. He was administered the oath of office and secrecy by Governor Kamla Beniwal at Sardar Patel Stadium. He was sworn in along with nine Ministers of State and seven ministers of Cabinet rank.

The Victorious!

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Nithari killings: 5th death sentence awarded

Surender Koli, main accused in the Nithari killings of 2006,  was awarded his 5th death sentence on Monday. He was sentenced by a special CBI court in Ghaziabad which found him guilty for the rape and murder of a five-year old girl. Special Judge S Lal declared the verdict for Koli in this trial.

5th death penalty!


India’s interest lies in Nepal

While discussing its political situation with Nepal, India stressed that stable, secular and democratic Nepal has always been its key interest. External Affairs minister, Salman Khurshid, regarded Nepal President Ram Baran Yadav as a great friend of India, who played a key role in strengthening  relations between the two countries.

Khurshid informed the Nepalese President that, short term measures to augment grid connectivity of 40- 55 MW have been completed and they are now working on plans to further increase this is in the medium term. Nepal’s monarchy turned into democracy in May 2008 , on declaration of “Federal Democratic Republic”.

Good relations

Major parties such as the  Unified Communist Party of Nepal(Moist), Communist Party of Nepal(Marxist-Leninist) and the Nepali Congress agreed to write a constitution to replace the interim one within 2 years but the peace process has been derailed due to selfish behavior of  political parties. Ethnic caste, religious, ideological and regional differences have also added to woes of political agreement.Political leaders continue to discuss plans to end this turmoil, but none of the talks have been successful.

Rising inflation, economic downturn, poverty, insecurity and uncertainty are the major problems, After much deliberation, the assembly could not draw up constitution or settle on timing and method of holding election, but only agreed to draw on a Maoist PM, Baburam Bhattarai, and a cabinet. India’s intervention in Nepal goes back to 1950 when Nepal enjoyed close ties with India.

On a five-day visit to India, the Nepalese President earlier met Indian President Mukherjee discussing over India’s help in democratic development of Nepal. With expected help and aid from India, Nepal wishes to establish democracy and democratic rule, thus, providing a free environment  for its people to voice their opinion and thus feel the breeze of freedom after a long hiatus of monarchy rule.

Stabbed girl in Mumbai dies

No city for women

21 year old student, Payal Balsara of Chetana College succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday. Friends and family showed up at the girl’s residence, Prabhat Colony to attend her funeral. She had been battling for her life since December 22nd after being stabbed by her classmate at her Bandra(East) college. Her attacker, Nikhil Bankar stabbed and killed himself soon after.

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Former UP CM’s party to merge with BJP

Time to merge

Kalyan Singh, Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Tuesday, in a function celebrating the 88th birthday of former PM A B Vajpayee, announced that  his party Rashtriya Jankranti Party would merge with the BJP in a rally to be held in Lucknow on January 21.

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Rape Maligning Gandhi’s Dream of a Perfect Nation

Who is listening?
Who is listening?

11th July, 2012 Delhi: Delhi teacher rapes 14-year-old student for 4 years.

06th Sept, 2012, Delhi: Constable rapes homeless woman in Delhi railway station.

23rd Sept, 2012, Delhi: Two Delhi University students raped, two arrested.

16th Dec, 2012, Delhi: 23-year-old gang-raped while on a moving bus.

What must have been an isolated case, condemned to its destruction and handled with an iron fist has sadly become a part of every Delhite’s breakfast. Rape, the non-consensual act of sex has become a hobby of sorts. The brutal incident of a 23-year-old being gang-raped and tortured on a moving bus in the busy streets of Vasant Vihar on Sunday sends a chill down the spine as another black mark strikes the non-alert capital.  The police though have arrested four men including the driver, Ram Singh in connection with the case; little can be done to the girl who was thrown on the road near Mahipalpur and now battles for life at the Safdarjung Hospital.

As doctors term her case as “probably the most grievous”, women across the nation, sit up to wonder how to immunize themselves from this horrific crime. Rape, has become the preferred weapon for submission.

The National Crime Records Bureau [NCRB] states that rape has become the “fastest growing crime in the past decade” and reasons for this would be the increased trend of urbanisation, lack of value based education and easy accessibility to pornography. NCRB’s records show that 24,206 cases of rape were registered in 2011, while the charge sheeted rate is at 93.8%, a meagre 26.4% of all registered cases have received convictions.

Delhi in 2009, usurped one fourth of all reported cases of rape in the country, but the government still have done little apart from banning women to work post 8PM in Gurgaon after a 23-year-old was abducted and raped on March 13th, 2012.

The police from Delhi-NCR seem to take the easy way out as a Tehelka-NDTV expose evidences. The cops-Protectors of Law, blamed women for the rise in rape incidents and went as far as to blur the lines between a sex-worker and a rape victim. The police that see rape as a mark to question women’s character breached section 228A of the Constitution of India after the Noida Police gave out the name of a minor who was raped in a moving car.

The Tehelka expose also caught seventeen senior cops in stations across the Delhi-NCR stating that they blame women for wearing revealing clothes and consuming alcohol. They were also of the opinion that “genuine rape victims seldom approach the authorities, those who do are generally extortionists with loose moral values.”

With the heinous crime having a vague psychological explanation and with no stereotyping of the rapist made available, women across India can only shudder and count their stars lucky if left unaccosted after the day’s work. Mahatma Gandhi’s words of a perfect nation where a woman decked in gold can walk on an empty street safely, is inching towards Utopia-what with the callous behaviour of the authorities and the vulgar minds that lurk in the busy streets like Vasant Vihar.

Nitish Kumar, not a PM candidate

Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has declared that he harbours no ambitions to become the Prime Minister. At a press conference on Monday, he said that he has always felt that a nominee for that post should hail from a bigger party of the coalition.

State head only
State head only

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