Fresh Violence in Ukraine kills 21

Ukraine saw the bloodiest outburst of violence in nearly three months of demonstrations, when downtown Kiev burned killing atleast 21 people and injuring many.

The capital city has been witnessing the clashes between government forces and activists camped in Kiev’s iconic Independence Square, demanding President Viktor Yanukovych to leave power.  The political crisis sharpened on Tuesday, when opposition accused the government of ignoring its demands even after three months of protests that have left the city paralyzed.

The protests began in November after Ukrainian President froze ties with the EU in exchange for a $15 billion bailout from Russia, but the political maneuvering continued and Moscow later suspended its payments.
“For the sake of pursuing their own political interests, they neglected all previously reached agreements and put lives and the peace of millions of Kiev residents under threat,” said Viktor Pshonka, Ukraine’s prosecutor general.

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