Jordan hangs 15 Prisoners

Jordan hanged 15 prisoners at day break Saturday, including 10 who were convicted of terrorism and this is one of the biggest executions since the nation reestablished capital punishment two years back, said officials.

The other five detainees were discovered blameworthy of real criminal offenses, including rape and sexual assault. Information Minister Muhammad Momani told the that the executed included those who were convicted in charge of partitioned assaults and bombings and the attacks on the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad in 2003, on tourists at the Roman amphitheatre in Amman in 2006, on intelligence officers in the Baqaa refugee camp in 2016, and also the killing of writer Nahid Hattar, also last year.

Samah Hadid, agent chief at Amnesty International’s Beirut territorial office, stated, “The horrendous scale and mystery around these executions is stunning.”

“There is no confirmation that capital punishment addresses rough wrongdoing, including fear based oppression related offenses.”

The men were hanged at a restorative focus south of Amman. Jordan had beforehand forced a nine-year ban on capital punishment. It was lifted in January 2015.

The legislature says it has a zero resistance approach with regards to psychological oppression or even saw sensitivity for fear based oppressor bunches – notwithstanding voicing support for such gatherings is an offense culpable with prison time.

News Source: ANI, CNN

Image Source: Getty images

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