Is the man in the new ISIS video an Indian born converted Muslim?

In the latest ISIS released video, the terrorist who is being referred to as the new Jihadi John seems to be an Indian origin Muslim with the name Siddharth Dhar.  The terrorist is based in Britain and is currently referred to with the name Abu Rumaysah.

The terrorist reportedly fled from Britain after getting bail to instill terrorist activities. Later, he flew to Syria to join the ISIS. The 32 year old shifted from Britain with his Wife and children to be a part of the militant organisation as well as converted to Islam. Abu Rumaysah ran a small business of renting bouncy castles in the capital of Britain before becoming a part of  Al Muhajiroun. The video which was released showed the killing of five UK men who were spying on the workings and operations of the ISIS. The main objective and concern in the new released threat video is Siddharth Dhar.

The accused’s sister and mother have both seen the latest ISIS released video and have noticed similarity in the voice of the terrorist (who was masked) as well their son/brother. Siddharth Dhar’s mother said, “Yes, I have had heard the voice in the video but I don’t know, I’m unsure of the voice. This is the most difficult questions to answer. I just can’t say.”

Siddharth Dhar is referred to as the new Jihadi John by the British media after the release of the video. The accused’s sister said that he had converted to Islam religion more than 10 years from now. All she has now are fond memories of them together as children. Siddharth’s former neighbors claimed that his wife might have been the reason for him to choose the path of extremism. Dhar’s earlier business associate confirmed that the man in the video was indeed him.


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