Migrant crisis: 27 bodies found along the Turkish coast

At least 27 bodies have been found washed up along the 2 different areas of the Aegean coast of Turkey after their boats capsized on their way to island of Lesbos, on Tuesday.

While seventeen bodies were washed up on a shoreline in the district of Ayvalik, the other ten were found in the district of Dikili, said a local official to Reuters. Though the flow of Syrian migrants using the sea to find refuge in Europe dipped in the end of last year due to the cold weather, the total figure was summed up to a million in 2015. The coast guard rescued around 12 people from the Ayvalik coastline while operations to find the rest of the survivors have begun. “We heard a boat sink and hit the rocks. I surmise these people died when they were trying to swim from the rocks. We came here to help as citizens,” an unnamed eyewitness said to Reuters.

Since the start of the civil war, five years ago, Turkey has been host to 2.2 million Syrians, having spent $8.5 billion on their housing and feeding.

Source: http://in.reuters.com/article/europe-migrants-turkey-idINKBN0UJ0N020160105

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