Obama promises action against Russia for hacking

In a recent interview, given to National Public Radio, to be aired on Friday morning, Barack Obama, the US President said that there will be action taken against Russia for attempting to hack the elections, which was an attempt for “impacting the integrity of” the American Presidential elections.

He mentioned that he was waiting for the final report he had ordered into the range of the hacking attacks by Russia, but guaranteed that proper action will be taken against the country.

According to a CIA assessment, which has been reported by various news agencies in America, Russia aimed to help Donald Trump win the elections by this act, but Obama has refrained from commenting on this claim.

Although in his interview, Obama did hint that the hack proved to be more problematic for Clinton’s campaign rather than Trump, saying, “ in fact what the Russian hack had done was create more problems for the Clinton campaign than it had for the Trump campaign”, reported the TOI.

The hackers working for Russia broke into both the Democratic (party) National Committee’s (DNC) computer network as well as Hillary Clinton’s top advisor John Podesta’s private email account, as reported by various American intelligence officials.

In light of all these events, the intelligence agencies have been ordered by Obama to conduct a complete review of the cyber attacks before the beginning of Trump’s tenure.

Sources – TOI ,Washington Post

Image Source: AFP

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