DR Congo forces kill at least 36 Burundi refugees

At least 36 Burundian refugees were killed and 117 wounded in clashes with Congolese security forces who allegedly fired indiscriminately at protesters on September 15 in Congo’s South Kivu province.

The clashes erupted in Kamanyola in Congo’s South Kivu province when Citing “credible reports” received by the peacekeeping mission, Maman Sidikou the U.N. envoy to Congo said that the Burundian refugees and asylum-seekers protested the expulsion of four of their countrymen from Congo.He added that he death of the Congolese army officer led to “the escalation of violence.”

The U.N. envoy called for a swift investigation and urged Congo’s security forces to use force as a last resort.

Congo’s government says it is opening an investigation to establish the facts and true identity of the “supposed refugees,” spokesman Lambert Mende said.

Roughly 44,000 refugees from Burundi are sheltering in Congo. Many fled political violence at home in 2015, when President Pierre Nkurunziza successfully pursued a disputed third term amid deadly protests.

The Congolese government, the U.N refugee agency and the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo “have deployed teams on site to shed light on everything that happened,” said the coordinator of the U.N. Communications Group in Congo, Florence Marchal.

Sources: Al Jazeera, ABC News, The Independent Uganda

Burundi Police Arrests 2 Foreign Journalists

NAIROBI : On Thursday, two respected journalists were detained by the Burundi police on grounds of opposing the government of the volatile nation, by reporting on gunmen.

As per reports, British journalist Phil Moore and French journalist Jean-Philippe Remy, Africa bureau chief for French daily Le Monde, had been arrested in the afternoon.

Having won several acclaims and awards, they have been working in the region for many years now.

According to the security ministry, the two foreign journalists had been arrested in company with some armed criminals. Later Willy Nyamitwe, the chief of the Presidential press said that they were arrested with 17 other people.

It was further said by the police that a Kalashnikov rifle and pistols and a mortar had been seized during the raid of the anti-government hotspot, Nyakabiga, a Bujumbura suburb.

The Police Deputy said, “They have not been charged, we are still at the investigation stage…If there is no evidence against them, they will be released, of course”.

Le Monde, however in a statement urged for an ‘immediate release” of the pair. The statement clarified that they both possess valid visas and were merely at the verge of exercising their professional journalistic duties by interacting with all the perspectives of the concerned parties involved in the current turmoil in Burundi.

Source: NDTV