Weasley Mathews: adopted girl’s father charged with murder

The Indian American father of three-year-old Sherin Mathews, Mr Wesley Mathews is accused of her murder at Texas. The girl had gone missing in October after the parents had put her outside their apartment as a punishment. She disappeared hours later. He was apparently also charged with abandoning a child and damaging the evidence three months after Sherin’s body was found in a drain next to their home in Richardson, Texas. 


The Dallas police inform that Mathews has changed his version of stories constantly, and has not been able to take a stance. On Friday, he will be indicated with capital murder if found guilty and be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.  


The adopted girl’s mother, Sini Mathews, has also faced abandonment charges in the month of November. A night before the child died on October 7th, 2017, she was left alone at her home, while her parents and their 4-year-old biological daughter went out for dinner.  

Holt International, the foster home from where Sherin Mathews was adopted is suspended by the Indian government for not assessing the couple. 

Sources – BBC, Hindustan Times


Gunmen kill seven in Dallas home

A gunman shot dead seven people at a residence in the suburbs of Dallas on Sunday. Police officials were called around 8 p.m after the gunshots were heard.

The Plano Police Department from Plano, a suburb in the north of Dallas, told that the first officer who had reached the home where people were shot, killed the shooter after an exchange of gunfire between them. David Tilley, Plano Police Department’s spokesperson informed that the officer who shot the suspect was not injured. According to the protocol, the officer was given administrative leave till the investigation is completed.

There were two other unidentified people who were injured and transferred to the hospital. The kind of injuries and their condition is still unknown. “We’re trying to put all the puzzle pieces together,” Tilley said. It was also reported that no kids were present in the house and all the people killed were adults.

Till now, no relationship has been established between the gunmen and the victims. According to the neighbours, there was a Dallas Cowboys viewing party going on in the house, but the police haven’t confirmed this information yet.

Sources: Washington Post, Indian Express

Hillary Clinton backs police reforms to defuse Afro-American fear

As reported by Business Standard, US presumptive Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday promised that if elected, she will promulgate reforms to drive away any fears of unfair police handlings that presently resides in Afro-American hearts.

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) convention provided the perfect platform for Hillary to gain wind in the sails, as she started off her speech by condemning the killings at Baton Rogue, and then going on to address the fact that many Afro-Americans are also being slain by men in uniform.

Terming the killings in Baton Rogue and Dallas as “madness”, she promised fast and effective judicial retribution against offenders who attack law enforcement personnel. She recognized the disharmony prevailing between certain communities and police force, and wants to bridge the gap, which she acknowledges will be “difficult”, “painful”, yet “essential” with no “half measures, but a full commitment with real follow-through.”

She did not forget to take a dig at her Republican rival, Donald Trump, who has reportedly refused to address the convention, accusing him of “playing coy with white supremacists.” She also highlighted the incident where black tenants were supposedly victims of the real estate mogul.

This address is being considered as extremely significant, as tensions between Afro-Americans and police are at a decade long high.

The United States of America go into polls in November, 2016.

5 Policemen Dead, 7 Injured in Dallas Shootings

A peaceful protest in downtown Dallas turned chaotic when snipers opened fire on policemen on guard, killing 5 and injuring 7. Officials have not confirmed yet whether this incident is connected to the fatal shootings of two black men by the police earlier this week, but sources speculate that this might be a regrettable aftermath.

The attack was said to be carefully planned and highly coordinated as fresh gunfire broke out a little before 9 p.m., during the protests, where the snipers began shooting the officers. Protestors ran for cover, while the policemen on duty engaged in heavy gunfire with the suspects, who had settled on an elevated platform.

According to Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, SWAT officers arrived on scene and a three-hour long exchange of gunfire took place, where two civilians were caught in the crossfire as well. David Brown, Police Chief said that the gunmen threatened stating that there were explosives all over the place, but immediate disposal of the bomb squad did not churn up any devices.

Of the four snipers, one killed himself, while the other three have been arrested by the police officers. The dedication and bravery of the officers on scene was highly commended by the chief and officials around the country alike.

Addressing the event, Obama called it, “vicious, calculated and despicable”. The attack is said to be one of the worst on law enforcement since the attacks of 9/11.