Seized methaqualone traced to unit in Osmanabad, land owned by Pune man

A consignment of methaqualone (Mandrax) worth Rs 23 crore, which was seized in Hyderabad last week, has been traced to a production unit in Maharashtra’s Osmanabad district. The land on which the unit stands is owned by a Pune-based resident.

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials had arrested three people who were transporting the 46kg consignment in a car at Kamkole village in Sangareddy district in Hyderabad on January 11. The contraband, banned under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, was hidden in a false casing in the car.

Preliminary inquiries had revealed that the consignment was loaded into the car by a man at Umarga in Osmanabad district, who instructed the occupants to deliver it to agents in Chennai.

On January 13, DRI officials located the production unit on NH-9, which connects Pune to Hyderabad. “Officials of the Bengaluru unit of the DRI followed the trail and identified the 4,000 sqft production unit in the Umarga industrial zone where the banned substance was manufactured illegally using different chemicals,” said Sanjay Kale, joint commissioner (drugs), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Aurangabad.

Maharashtra’s FDA joined hands with the DRI who conducted a raid on the unit. During the raid, 500 grams of methaqualone worth Rs 50 lakh was seized from the unit.

“The banned drug was being manufactured as powder, transported to Hyderabad and from there to other places. The factory was being run as an electronic warehouse and was operational for the last six months,” Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officials said.

The officials later arrested three men from Mumbai who were operating the factory. “Methaqualone is a prohibited psychotropic substance. Its production and distribution is illegal in India. It is not a drug, hence it does not come under the FDA’s purview,” Kale said.

“Several teams are currently conducting searches in Hyderabad, Osmanabad, Kochi, Chennai and Bengaluru,” a DRI official said.

Source: TOI

Hyderabad Murder Mystery Solved with the Aid of Mutton Soup

Initiating a bizarre plan, married women and her lover, killed her husband on November 27th.  Later she poured acid on her lover’s face to pass him off as her husband so that after his plastic surgery they could live together. However, fate decreed otherwise. Noticing the lover, who was in the disguise of the dead husband refusing to eat the mutton soup served at the hospital, the family grew suspicious. When he claimed that he was a vegetarian, the dead husband’s family recalled that their son was a non-vegetarian. They immediately alerted the police and the crime was brought to light, as reported by The Times of India.

Swati, a 27-year-old-year-old nurse at a private hospital was married to Sudhakar Reddy, aged 32. They were together for three years and were also the parents of two children. She had an extramarital affair with a physiotherapist, Rajesh and together they planned to kill Sudhakar and loot his property. According to the police, the duo hit Reddy on his head and killed him, after injecting him with anesthesia to make him unconscious. They later took the body to a forest and burnt it. Following this, Swati threw acid on Rajesh’s face and lied to the family that Reddy was attacked by strangers. Their aim was to start a new life post Rajesh’s plastic surgery. According to sources from Deccan Chronicle, the crime aimed to mimic the Telugu crime thriller ‘Evadu’, where actor Allu Arjun undertakes plastic surgery to resemble Ram Charan, another character in the film. The police affirmed that Rajesh will be arrested as soon as he is discharged from the hospital.

Sources: The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle

Ivanka Trump at Hyderabad for the three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017

On Tuesday, 28th November, Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to US President Donald Trump, arrived in Hyderabad in order to inaugurate the Global Entrepreneurship Summit co-hosted by India and the United States.

For the first time, the three-day summit is being hosted in South East Asia by the governments of India and the United States.
The first daughter is leading a delegation of senior Trump administration officials as well as American entrepreneurs.
The theme of the summit is ‘Women First, prosperity for all’. the summit is being attended by more than 1200 young entrepreneurs from around 127 countries with a majority of women participation at 52.2%

Following this, the second day of the summit began with a session on ‘Innovations in Workforce Development and Skills Training’ and focused on boosting female participation in workplace through increase in access to skills, training and career counselling.

The Prime Minister evoked stories of women from history and the rural heartland. “Indian women continue to lead in different walks of life. Our space programmes, including the Mars Orbiter Mission, have had immense contribution from our women scientists,” he said.
Ivanka Trump, ICICI CEO Chanda Kochhar and Telengana Minister KTR Rao also spoke at the second day of GES.

The summit will conclude on 30 November after a session on the theme ‘When Women Win, We All Win: Promoting Inclusive Environments for Women Entrepreneurs’. The key influences that promote, support and fund women entrepreneurs will be brought together on the closing session the Summit.

Sources: ANI, The Quint

Marriage racket bust in Hyderabad; eight Arab Sheikhs arrested

On Wednesday, a huge Arab marriage racket including minor girls has been busted by the police in Hyderabad and 17 people were arrested including eight Omani and Qatari nationals and three qazis.

Amongst the arrested quazis was also the head qazi of Mumbai, Farid Ahmed Khan and along with him four hotel proprietors and five dealers of Hyderabad have been held.

City Police Commissioner M. Mahender Reddy said that the Arab sheikhs were marrying minor young ladies with the assistance of brokers, qazis and lodge proprietors. Of the sheikhs captured, five are Omani nationals and three Qatari.

The racket which was reported to be spreading from Hyderabad to Oman and to other Arab nations, was busted during the investigation concerning a case enlisted a month ago in Falaknuma area of the old city of Hyderabad.

A lady had filed a complaint to the police that her husband with the assistance of a few dealers ‘sold’ their minor little girl to a 70-year-old Omani national Ahmed Abdullah. Their daughter is now stuck in Oman.

The police said that efforts were on to safeguard the girl and arrest the accused and bring them to Hyderabad.


PTI, Business Standard

Puneites demand action against high parking fee in Malls

After Hyderabad’s Inorbit Mall that faced the flak for high parking fees, it’s time for the malls in Pune to brace themselves since something similar might happen with them.

President of All India Grahak Panchayat, Vijay Sagar said,“We are also writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Fadnavis, demanding the removal of parking fees in malls. We have asked that the government should take back all the money paid till date. If the police do not initiate action, we will help the consumers approach the court.”

This week, the police booked a case against Inorbit Mall in Cyberabad, Hyderabad for charging Rs 30 for the vehicle parked only for 10 minutes. The case was registered with police by a resident named Vijay Gopal after he was charged such hefty fee.

Puneites have demanded similar action against the mall and advocate Asim Sarode wrote a letter to Devendra Fadnavis. He has also planned to meet Police Commissioner Rashmi Shukla to demand legal action.

Mr. Sarode explained that parking space in malls is not included in  Floor Space Index (FSI) and does not come in the ambit of property tax. Thus one cannot use it for commercial gains. He notified about necessary actions taken and also the request to amend the law and issue a Government Resolution (GR).

However, some citizen argued that malls providing an underground parking space need to build a slab and supporting columns. Some places even provide mechanized parking and thus such constructions require money to build. It also requires operational cost like the cleaning and security staff.

Nonetheless, parking charges at many malls in Pune are high.

Source: Pune Mirror

Prostitution racket busted in Cyberabad massage parlours

The Special Operation Team of Cyberabad busted a prostitution racket in 12 massage parlours and spas in Hyderabad on August 19. Approximately 65 women have been rescued in this operation, out of which 34 are from Thailand and 21 from North-eastern states.

The 12 places raided were all in the prime IT area-Gachibowli and Madhapur, and some of them were in posh commercial areas. According to the Indian Express, a police official said, “We found that these centers have been indulging in women trafficking by procuring girls from Thailand, Northeastern states and some local girls. They were virtually running brothel houses under the guise of massage or spa parlours.”

The Cyberabad police arrested the owner of Tripad Venus and Healing Services Pvt Ltd, Dasari Sidhartha, who operated these parlours. His business partners Venkatareddy and Balasubramanyam have been absconding. Sidhartha, along with agents in Bangkok and Mumbai duped several women under the false pretence of offering jobs in massage centres on monthly payment; and would confiscate their passport once the women reached Hyderabad. The accused earned 90 lakhs per month from these massage parlours.

Police also stated that the parlours allowed cross gender massage which is illegal. As per the law, only male masseurs can attend male customers and vice-a-versa. In addition to this, it was found out that the spas broke the norms including transparent glass doors, CCTV cameras and maintaining registers for recording customer preferences.

Meanwhile, the rescued women will be shifted to protection home.

Sources: Indian Express, Hindu

3 year-old Hyderabad girl cries tears of blood

A three-year-old girl from Hyderabad is suffering from a strange medical condition which causes her to bleed not only from the nose but also from ears, eyes and other parts of the body.

It was 16 months ago when Ahana Afsal started bleeding from her nose but doctors at that time said she only had a high fever.

“When she was one year old she started bleeding from her nose. But doctors told me at that point in time that she was suffering from Pneumonia. The doctors did not answer when I asked if she will ever be completely fine” Afzal said to ANI.

Dr. Sirisha who is treating Ahana said to ANI that she is suffering from a rare condition called Hematidrosis. She added that she had to be admitted to the hospital many times and undergo multiple transfusions.  “The disease affects one’s physical health badly. Ahana is not permanently cured yet but the process is going on”, she said. 

Ahana’s father also said he will approach the government so that they support his daughter’s treatment.

Hematidrosis is a condition in which the patients bleed from various parts of their body. This causes due to the rupturing of the capillary blood vessels that feed the sweat glands. Even though the condition is not fatal but it needs serious medical treatment. 

Sources: Times of India, Indian Express