Indian Navy strengthens its nuclear arsenal; kicks off nuclear submarine project

In an effort to project power and hone combat capabilities on high seas, India will be starting major military exercises. India is also planning to induct six nuclear-powered attack submarines, four nuclear-powered submarines with ballistic missiles and 18 diesel-electric submarines. This is seen as an attempt to counter China’s naval and military activity across the Indo -Pacific region. 

At present, the Navy’s arsenal includes 3 old conventional submarines, one indigenous SSBN in INS Arihant, which was commissioned last year, and an SSN in INS Chakra leased from Russia, which does not have nuclear-tipped missiles. The project was announced by Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lamba. He stated that the Indian Navy was ready to assume a bigger role in the Indo-Pacific region, under the recent quadrilateral coalition between India, US, Australia, and Japan. The quadrilateral aims to establish ” a free open and prosperous and inclusive Indo Pacific region “. 

The acquisition of a range of submarines, weapon systems and warships has enabled the Navy to tackle a number of traditional and non-traditional security threats, Lamba added.

Sources: The Times of India, Times Now