Repeal of DACA puts young Indian Americans at risk of Deportation

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which was started under the presidency of Obama has been repealed by the Trump administration. This is considered as one of the most controversial decision President Trump ever made. This announcement was mad on September 5, 2017. More than 800,000 young adult immigrants were protected by this scheme and their lives are in jeopardy now.

Currently, there is no new scheme which will be implemented in place of DACA. It is said, according to Vox that those currently protected by DACA will start losing work permits from March 6, 2018. There are 20,000 Indian children who were brought into the country illegally and may now face deportation. These are data recovered from South Asian Americans Leading Togethere (SAALT).

There have been protests all over the country after the announcement. SAALT went on to say, “Over 27,000 Asian Americans, including 5,500 Indians and Pakistanis, have already received DACA. An additional estimated 17,000 individuals from India and 6,000 from Pakistan respectively are eligible for DACA, placing India in the top ten countries for DACA eligibility,” according to NDTV.

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VK Singh to visit Saudi Arabia to assess food scarcity faced by Indians

Ten thousand Indian workers who were rendered jobless in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will heave a sigh of relief after the Minister of State for External Affairs, VK Singh visits the place to assess the problem. Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs said that 10,000 workers from India are facing grave problems such as food scarcity after losing their jobs. The government has ordered the Indian mission there to provide them with food and other basic facilities. VK Singh will soon travel to address the problems faced by several workers who were laid off from their jobs in Jeddah and bring them back to India.

As a result of low oil prices, the Saudi Government was forced to lay off their employees as they were no longer able to pay salaries to foreign workers. This act left thousands of workers homeless, jobless and hungry.

The jilted workers staged a public protest at a construction firm named Saudi Oger to demand their unpaid wages. However, the Saudi government says that they are looking into the matter and will soon settle the situation.

10 million Indians want to move to US: poll


A new poll has found that 10 million Indians consider U.S. to be the No 1 destination for migration. They represent about 13 percent of the world’s adults who would like to migrate to the U.S. and make it their new home. Other countries that rank among the top choices for migrants are Canada, France and Britain.

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