Legion, the hacker group attacks Mallya

Last time Rahul Gandhi, and this time the loan defaulter Vijay Mallya’s account has been hacked by the Legion group.

The hackers have tweeted a number of posts from his account. They have also claimed that they have details of Malaya’s assets at several banks, and password of various accounts.

The group is also asking for public support and have promised that they will bring more information and justice.

Following this,Mallya said in his post on Twitter
“My account has been hacked by someone called Legion who are Tweeting now in my name. Simply ignore. Will fix this,”

It is not clear what group it is ,but they have asked to support the “@sigaint.org”.

According to the @sigiant.org site, it works as a darknet email service and allows transfer of emails without revealing an individual’s location or identity. It provides service to help journalists and activists. This will help in battling the restrictions that exist on the internet now.

“Legion” used to be a famous hacker group from the US, known as “Legion of Doom”(LOD).

However,it is not confirmed that Legion is following (LOD),but it is quite evident that these people are well aware of the dark world of internet. They are using anything to launch cyber attacks anywhere on earth, including India.

Sources: TOI, NDTV

Image Source: Twitter