North Korea Invites South Korean President for Summit in Pyongyang

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, on Saturday, invited South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, to North Korea for a summit in Pyongyang setting the stage for the first meeting between the Korean leaders for the first time in more than10 years.

Kim Jong-un’s invitation was presented by his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, at a historical meeting between the North and South Korean officials at the presidential palace in Seoul.

According to the Spokesperson for South Korea’s presidential palace,  Eui-kyeom, North Korea’s leader has invited South Korea’s President to visit Pyongyang as soon as possible. “Moon did not immediately accept the offer, calling instead for efforts to create the right conditions to realize such a visit and urging Pyongyang to actively seek dialogue with the US,” he said. He further stated that Moon has requested North Korea to engage in talks with the United States as early as possible.

 The proposed meet would be the third one between the two nations after the Korean war that ended in 1953. Ms Kim is the first senior member from North Korea to visit South Korea after the war. Ms Kim is in South Korea to attend the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Sources: BBC, FirstPost