Defence Minister to flag off Indian Navy women crew’s circumnavigation expedition

On Sunday, September 10, the newly appointed Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will flag off the very first attempt of the Indian Navy women crew to circumnavigate the globe in Panaji.

According to a release issued by the Press Information Bureau, the women crew will be managing the whole operation on a sailing vessel in the first-ever global journey. It also stated that the flagging off of ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ will be held at INS Mandovi Boat Pool, Verem, near Panaji.

In the circumnavigation that will finish in March 2018, the crew will be circumnavigating on an Indian built sail boat, INSV Tarini, reported The India Express.

INSV Tarini is the sister vessel of INSV Mhadei, a sail boat that was used by naval officer Dilip Donde to undertake a solo circumnavigation in 2009-10.

A naval spokesperson said that the entire distance will be covered in five legs and the crew will have stopovers at four ports: Fremantle (Australia), Lyttelton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands) and Cape Town (South Africa), for repairs and replenishment of ration.

As per the reports, this project is being considered essential towards promoting ocean sailing activities in the Navy while depicting Government of India’s thrust for ‘Nari Shakti’.

Sources: India Today, The India Express

Image source: PTI


Malabar 2017: India-US-Japan’s Naval initiative kicks off

MALABAR-2017, the 21st edition of naval exercise began in the Bay of Bengal began on today and will last until July 17.  The trilateral maritime exercise between India-US-Japan started amidst Dokhlam tension.

With 95 aircraft, 16 warships and 2 submarines, the Trio naval exercise will strengthen the Indian force and is of great strategic significance. The main aim is to boost interoperability amongst the trio.

Abhijit Singh, Head of Maritime Policy Initiative at Observer Research Foundation explain, “The Malabar is being seen as an opportunity for India to strike a hard-posture in a place where it perceives a strategic advantage vis-a-vis China — maritime-South Asia.”

Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Surface Warfare, Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS), Search and Rescue, Joint Manoeuvres and Tactical procedures, will be a part of the exercises this year. From the first half of the week will be for interaction at Harbour Phase, Chennai. The second half will be dedicated to a wide range of exercises.

Sources: The Hindu, TOI

Image source: Reuters


The most advanced naval destroyer launched in China

China’s navy launched the most advanced war ships produced in the country. This launch comes at a time when naval power competition is at a boil with countries such as the United States, Japan and India.

According to a report in Times of India,  the 1000 ton Type 055  first entered the water at Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard in the morning of Wednesday, June 28.

The ship is furnished with the latest air missiles, ship and even submarine defence systems. The country is further planning to launch a total of 4 of the ships.

“The launch of this ship signifies that our nation’s development of destroyers has reached a new stage,” the release in Times of India said.

Type 055 is larger than China’s other warships, their navy is undergoing an expansion and is estimated to have around 265-273 warships, logistic vessels and submarines by 2020. China says it needs an effective naval force to protect its 14,500 kilometres (9,010 miles) of coastline, and in addition, its crucial maritime shipping routes.

Since India shares a disputed border with China, it has been growing increasingly concerned over the Chinese navy’s growing presence in the Indian Ocean.

Sources: Times of India, ABC

Murugesan: Chinese submarine docking at Pakistan of no immediate concern

Kolkata: The Indian Navy, today announced the crossing of the Chinese submarine as a matter of no big concern, although they assured their surveillance over the activities. Reports of the Chinese submarine having crossed the Arabian Sea and entered the Karachi port, had found impetus only a month ago.

Vice Admiral P Murugesan, Vice Chief of Naval Staff, said, “ Docking of a submarine belonging to some other country in a third country itself is not a big concern but we do monitor them,

Vice Admiral P. Murugesan PC: ANI
Vice Admiral P. Murugesan

whichever submarines operate in our region.”

During the Navy’s Water Jet Fast Attack Crafts by defence PSU Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE),he added that India bears submarine capabilities and that the Indian submarines also go on dock in foreign nations.

Murugesan, regarding naval cooperations, informed that though India has relations with numerous countries , the navy  does monitor the Indian neighbourhood to keep track of who collaborates with which other navy, all of which is always briefed to the concerned authorities in the government.

“We develop our navy to meet any challenges that might come out of such cooperation” he mentioned. “Our Navy is quite strong enough to look after our maritime interests in our area of interest,” he said adding that the navy is like an ambassador as they can go anywhere.

Source: The Economic Times

86 Indian fishermen arrested by Lankan Navy

As many as 86 Indian fishermen have been arrested and their 10 fishing boats seized by the Sri Lanka Navy for professedly poaching in the nation’s waters, naval officials said on Friday.
They were arrested last night off the eastern shore of Mullaithivu, Naval representative Commander Indika Silva said. The Indian fishermen will be handed over to the police at the port city of Trincomalee.
Sri Lankan fishermen have been complaining that since the approach of new government in Sri Lanka, the quantity of Indian fishermen breaching the nation’s waters for illegal fishing has been growing.
The discussions between Sri Lanka and India on the fishermen issue planned for March 5 have been delayed, Sri Lankan fisheries officials said.