PMC set to rehabilitate 1,000 hawkers in city areas

Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) will now rehabilitate hawkers and vendors at 330 places around the city. This decision has been taken in the meeting of hawker co-ordination committee.

According to the city mayor, Mukta Tilak the corporation has fixed different charges for different parts of the city. It ranges from Rs.25 to Rs.200 per day. However, rates of places like Nagar Road and Dhankwadi have not been fixed.

On September 9 the Supreme Court had issued an order regarding the rehabilitation of hawkers.  It had stated that the process of registration must be completed by the municipal corporation. The next year the civic body registered around 22,000 licenses for hawkers. However, at the same the PMC had announced no hawker zones in 45 areas. They included JM Road and FC Road.

Even though the anti-encroachment department had proposed fine to stop unauthorized stalls or hawkers, they still continued to grow are an unmonitored space. With rehabilitation, the civic body hopes to curb these unauthorised lot.  Madhav Jagtap, head of PMC’s anti-encroachment department said that spots for rehabilitation were decided upon after surveying the open areas.

However, Janeev Hawkers Union believes that the step of rehabilitation has been delayed. The corporation has taken a lot of time to relocate areas for rehabilitation.

News Source: Pune Mirror

Image Source: Dhananjay Helwade

India to send 40 tonnes aid to cyclone-hit Fiji

India is to send 40 tonnes of medicines, clothes and food to Fiji, which was struck by a devastating cyclone over the weekend. An Indian Air Force aircraft will carry the supplies to the island nation. The government is planning to fly a C17 plane from Delhi to Chennai with about 20 tonnes of the supplies. From Chennai, the aircraft will pick up another 20 tonnes of supplies before heading towards Fiji, sources told Economic Times.

Fiji was hit by Cyclone Winston, the most powerful to hit the islands in its history over the weekend, claiming close to 44 lives and rendereing over a thousand homeless. With winds at over 200 kmph, the cyclone was the worst ever

documented in the southern hemisphere.

The storm destroyed villages and caused extensive flooding, forcing people to drive out of their hometowns in scores.

Australia and New Zealand have led the international aid drive to support Fiji in rehabilitating their citizens, as more than half the nation is paralysed with in the aftermath of the massive cyclone.

Sources: Economic times

Indian Express