BCCI remains firm with S. Sreesanth lifetime ban

Citing that the Kerela High Court’s decision was contrary to the present rules of the organisation, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has filed an appeal against the lifting the lifetime the ban on former-bowler S Sreesanth. According to ANI, this came after Kerala High Court’s judgment on August 7 as the board was unhappy with the HC’s motion and seeks to reprimand the judgment.

In an affidavit in the beginning of 2017, the BCCI had stated that the standard proof required under a penal statute was much higher than the proof required for a disciplinary inquiry. This implies that the accused may be free of the criminal charges (following the evidence)  however, but can be apprehended if the internal disciplinary rules of an organisation are violated.

The court’s response to the affidavit was stated in the current motion which lifts the ban. It said that BCCI failed to acknowledge the evidence as a whole. It pointed that only empty allegations that were made by the plaintiff could only submit confessions of the accused, which the defended said were forced out of him.

Sreesanth was accused of spot-fixing during the 2013 Indian Premier League (IPL) along with two other teammates of the same club. Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan still face a permanent career ban whereas Sreesanth was acquitted in 2015.

Sources: Indian Express & Times of India


Framing of charges for IPL-6 case postponed

S. Sreesanth, one of the accused i IPL-6 spot fixing case PC: www.freepressjournal.in
S. Sreesanth, one of the accused i IPL-6 spot fixing case
PC: www.freepressjournal.in

New Delhi: The Sessions court in Delhi postponed the order on framing charges in the IPL-6 spot fixing case. This case led to the suspension of cricketers S. Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, Ankeet Chavan and others. Dawood Ibrahim and his aide Chota Shakeel are also accused.

Additional Sessions Judge Neena Basal Krishna, who was scheduled to pass the order on Monday, claimed the order sheet is not prepared yet. The task of fixing the matter for the pronouncement of order and seeking clarifications has been postponed to the 25th of July.

Initially, May 23rd was reserved for the aforementioned task. Also, the court asked the counsel appearing for the accused to provide their written arguments.

An investigation led by the Delhi Police named 42 accused, 6 of which are reported to be absconding. From this very investigation, the court questions the theory of “match fixing”. It also pointed out that prima facie, no evidence was provided  to prove that the matches were fixed by the accused. However, the Delhi Police contends that call details during the investigation clearly show that accused persons were involved in a crime to generate money.

The advocate of the accused still stand firm on the prima facie lack of evidence.

Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel evaded arrest during the case and are hence, proclaimed offenders.

Sreesanth, Chavan and various others were granted bail under the Maharashtra Control of Oraganized Crime Act (MCOCA).

Read more: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ipl6-spot-fixing-framing-of-charges-postponed-to-july-25/article7366766.ece


ICC chief Srinivasan cleared of IPL corruption


Chief of world cricket, Narayanaswami Srinivasan has been cleared of all charges of corruption and betting, a court hearing said on Monday.

The Supreme Court appointed panel was looking into the scandal that rocked the Indian Premier League last year. Srinivasan, probably the most powerful man in world cricket was left unscathed as charges against him were all cleared.

“This individual was not involved in match-fixing activities. This individual was not involved in scuttling investigations into match-fixing,” the panel’s report said.

Srinivasan was not allowed to perform his duties as BCCI head, till the final verdict was out, but that did not let him from heading the International Cricket Council. He has been the chairman of the ICC since June.

The court also found Sundar Raman, who the chief executive of the IPL to have contacted a bookmaker’s associate “eight times in one season”.

“Sundar Raman admitted knowing the contact of the bookie, however (he) claimed to be unaware of his connection with betting activities,” the report said.

Raj Kundra was also found guilty as the report concluded by saying “The individual was in touch with bookies and he had violated the anti-corruption code”.

Stepping beyond the boundary line

Banned | Photo courtesy: www.tribune.com
Banned | Photo courtesy: www.tribune.com

S Sreesanth has been described by words like flamboyant, determined, abrasive time and again during his seven year international. But the word “taint” got stuck to him soon after he was implicated in the match fixing controversy in IPL VI. He went scot free in many on and off-field acts during his tenure. But the alleged links with bookies and under performing for profit, landed him in jail and will take him away from the game he claims to be love.

On 13 September, an hour after Sreesanth expressed his faith in the “judiciary and the BCCI”, the  BCCI Disciplinary Committee banned him, along with Ankeet Chavan, for life, for their involvement in spot-fixing during certain matches of the Indian Premier League this summer. After hearing the news the 30 year old made a statement saying “I have done no wrong”.  Before Sreesanth had tweeted, “Been tracking the news channels…me getting a life ban??!! Very surprising…” The tweet was later deleted.

Sreesanth made his India debut in 2006. A brilliant outswinger made Sreesanth a great Test match winning prospect. Ankeet Chavan was a left-arm spinner and was considered Mumbai’s Best Bowler in the previous Ranji Season. Both the players belonged to Rahul Dravid led Rajasthan Royals. They have been banned for life after being found guilty of underperforming and ensuring the occurrence of an event during a match while knowing it is a subject of a bet. Both the players had signals through which it was understood that in the same ball, they will be doing the desired. Sreesanth has been known to tuck in a towel in his tracks before he bowled. Chavan on the other hand was to loosen his wrist band.

Former Indian Captain said “Hail BCCI for taking positive decision against the spot fixers. No room for sob sympathy for anyone who brings disrepute to cricket players/officials.” Many other known figures in the cricket world told the world how they feel. Another cricketer, from Australia, appreciated BCCI’s decision as a cautionary tale saying, “Be careful of what you choose to do!”

Both the players’ careers ( Sreesanth and Chavan) promised so much and ended with so little, and that too with the “taint” which will be with them forever.