Trump’s Travel Ban in Full Effect After Being Approved by the US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court, on Monday, has allowed US President Donald Trump’s travel ban to be enforced by his administration despite the numerous appeals and legal challenges it faced. The ban on travel of residents from six mainly Muslim countries and two others can be instantly inflicted while challenges of the ban are settled in multiple court cases.

The Justices at the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the travel ban with merely two dissenting votes. The final tally of 7-2 has come as a major blow to anti-discrimination activists and supporters who expected the final resolution to be announced after months of contemplation. The ruling would uphold the latest version of the entry visa ban affecting prospective travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen along with residents of North Korea and Venezuela, that Donald Trump announced in September.

According to The Guardian, travelers from these countries would be allowed passage into the US if they possessed “bona fide” links within the United States such as reported business intentions; or immediate family relationships. The ruling, however, does not constitutionalize the ban but recognizes its merits and importance as put forward by Trump’s administration. The Supreme Court is expected to conduct a full review into the merits and demerits of the ban – whether it infringes any constitutional protections against discrimination -in the next few months.

The Times Of India stated that 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco and the Richmond, Virginia-4th US Circuit Court of Appeals, will be conducting sessions with arguments regarding the nature of the ban and its legality this week. The Supreme Court expects the courts to reach an appropriate conclusive pronouncement as soon as possible as its ability to hear and rule on this issue by the end of June relies on their decision.