Trump’s move to rescind DACA may affect 7000 Indian Americans

Donald Trump plans to soon end a programme that allows work permits to immigrants who arrived in America illegally as children. The move may impact more than 7000 Indian Americans.

The programme, known as the Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA) was one of major immigration reform under the Obama administration.

On Friday September 1, White House Secretary Sarah Anderson addressed reporters that Trump would take a decision the following day but Politico in its exclusive story reported on September 3 that Trump had already decided to cancel the programme and senior administration officials are in discussions regarding the roll out of Trump’s decision. But Politico also reported that the officials have cautioned Trump’s decision may change until it is formally made public.

Such a decision, which Trump has been supporting since his campaigning days, may draw major backlash even from his own Republican party. The decision to rescind DACA may affect almost 75,000 undocumented workers including more than 7,000 Indian Americans.

According to the latest US Citizenship and Immigration Services statistics, India ranks 11 in the countries of origin among DACA students.

CATO Institute in its study released a week ago stated that DACA’s termination may result in the possible deportation of these students could cost more than $200 billion to the economy an $60 billion to the US government.

Sources: HT, TOI

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