Case of Zika virus through sexual transmission reported in Texas

The officials from the Dallas County health department have reported two victims of the deadly Zika virus. The two patients are natives of Texas and had tested positive. As per the official report, one victim caught infection while in Venezuela and the other tested positive through sexual transmission.

“Zika can be transmitted by a number of ways. It can be transmitted from mosquitos to humans, humans to mosquitoes and also by sexual contact,” said Zachary Thompson, the director of  the Dallas County health department. He also added that an awareness campaign would soon be organized for  educating the masses regarding safe sex.

Zika virus (ZIKV) is a flavivirus, transmitted by day-time active Aedes mosquitos, that causes nervous disorders. It can also penetrate through the placenta affecting the unborn fetus resulting in brain shrinkage.

The U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention has rolled out some guild lines to its citizens for the prevention. Also recently, the World Health Organization(WHO) had declared the spread of the virus as a global emergency.

Sources: The New York Times, CTV News

Tech Mahindra to seek revenue growth in digital business

A part of one of the huge conglomerates in Mahindra  group , Tech Mahindra witnessed a positive growth on Tuesday  when it saw a marginal increase in its revenue by -4.06% for the quarter to December in line with the muted expectations of  analyst. It added that it was looking for 15% revenue in its digital trade by the end of this year.

The business revenue for Mahindra rose to 0.4% compared to that a year ago, to $ 1,015 million. In constant currency, revenue increased by 1.2 %.After closely observing more than three quarters of its weak growth, led by issues in the energy and telecom sectors the analyst had withdrawn their prospects.

On speaking to the Economic Times, the CEO of Tech Mahindra CP Gurnani said we are on our course to pick our business. We are looking at portfolio rationalization in LCC and Softgen. He further stated digital commerce could go to 40% of  revenues over times.

In the last quarter , Tech M announced its ‘ Automation, Quality, Time project,in which its aim was to improvise margins and delivery to customers through use of automation and platforms. It has even piloted the system in 120 projects till now and expects to roll out the rest of them in the next financial year.
SOURCES: Economic Times

RBI to introduce Ease Rules For Start-Ups to Access Funds

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday, said that soon they will let all the start-ups be given foreign undertaking funds investments without any margins and enable transfer of shares from them to other residents or non-residents, making it easier for the firms to access their capital.

However, in a document posted on its social website, the RBI chief has stated that it will allow receipt of the contract value on a delayed basis in case of a transfer of ownership by a start-up enterprise.

After investing billions of dollars in the last 24 months, and at a time when global investors are holding a tight grip on their purse strings, this new measure can bring about a huge change in the sector for the start-ups in India.

India is looking forward to introduce and encourage more cutting edge technology and other start-ups – supporting new businesses in an economy needing faster growth to provide enough jobs for the country’s youth sector.

Harish H.V., partner at consultant Grant Thornton, India, has stated that, the government’s budget, which is to be presented on Feb. 29, is likely to include more other such supportive steps for the start-ups.

SOURCES: NDTV ProfitBusiness Times

Cyber Attack results in Talk Talk losing more than 100,000 customers

Britain based Telecom Group Talk Talk, has lost as many as 100,000 customers till date, after a cyber attack that took place way back in October, 2015. The aftermath of the hack, led to customers abandoning its service and switching to alternative telecommunications companies. Earlier a few customers who feared, opted to end their subscription, but the number has increased to lakhs now.

In the aftermath of the hack, Chief Executive Dido Harding had warned the company’s 4 million customers on television and radio, regarding their financial data which was put at risk.

On Tuesday Harding said, ‘We saw a big dip inevitably in early November and then the business started returning to normal through December and very much back to normal now.’

The police investigating the case last year had pointed out that they arrested five young men aged between 15 and 20, who were then set free pending further inquiries.

Less than three percent of the subscriber base, a total of 101,000 customers have given up the subscription for the telecom group. Since October, the shares of Talk Talk have fallen as much as 36 percent.

This has in a way benefitted rivals of the company, namely Sky and BT, who have added 144,000 and 130,000 broadband customers respectively.

SOURCES: Reuters

Murud Tragedy: Last body found

A rescued student being taken to the hospital.
A rescued student being taken to the hospital

Pune: The life of 14 students and their families changed as tragedy hit them while on a trip to the Murud beach yesterday. After a 24 hour search operation, the body of the 14th student too has been recovered now. Saif Madki’s body was found after almost three hours of search operations conducted by the Indian Navy and Indian Coastal guard officials.

Almost 15 hours after the tragedy struck, the Chetak helicopter and speedboats arrived there and rescued around 13 students, out of which 10 were girls. These students belonged to MCES Abeda Inamdar College in Pune.

Around 116 students and 11 faculties from the Bsc Computer Science department had gone to Murud as a part of an annual tour conducted by the college, when tragedy struck them. Madki’s body was found almost 18 hours after the incident, while the bodies of 13 others were found yesterday itself. Six others were rescued by the officials.

The state government has announced a compensation of Rs.2 lakhs to the families of the victims. Maharashtra Governor CV Rao and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis have given their condolences and said that the incident came as a big shock to them.

Rafiya Ansari and her sister Shafiya Ansari, Sumaiya Ansari, Sheefa Kazi, Supriya Pan, Sana Shaikh, Swapnali Salgar, Sajeed Choudhary, Iftekar Shaikh, Samreen Shaikh, Mohammed Ansari, Farin Sayyed and Rajlaxmi Pandugayala are among the students who lost their lives.

According to Santosh Rajankar, an eye witness, over 100 students had come to the area with their teachers and finished their sightseeing. The students then ventured into the sea during the time of high tides, in spite of warning from the locals and teachers.  

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Content Sources: India TodayNDTV

Salesmen arrested for stealing jewellery worth 21 lakh

The Ranka Jewellers showroom on Karve Road
The Ranka Jewellers showroom on Karve Road

On Sunday, three salesmen from Ranka Jewellers, Karve Road were arrested by the Deccan Gymkhana police for allegedly stealing gold ornaments valued at 20.94 lakh.

Reports suggest that the salesmen would replace jewellery with cheap duplicates. The theft was discovered by the showroom’s management staff during their annual stock checking on January 30.

According to sub-inspector Shashikant Dendge, salesmen Suryakant Desai Dhumal (34) of Warje Malwadi, Manish Sharma (34) of Pimple Nilakh, and Akshay Dixit (21) were detained after the management staff’s suspicions were raised as to their role in the theft. Dendge added, “We are yet to recover the stolen goods.”

Vastupal Ranka, Director, Ranka Jewellers, told TOI that while manually inspecting stocks, they discovered that the true weight of 40 gold necklaces and some bangles did not match that of their records.
“Our inquiry revealed the involvement of the salesmen in the theft. We have registered an offence against them,” Ranka added.

The sub-inspector said that the police had initially arrested Desai Dhumal, and Sharma, who have been employed at the showroom for a decade. “During sustained interrogation, they revealed the involvement of a third accomplice, Dixit,” he said. Apparently, Dixit had worked at Ranka Jewellers for four years, but had quit about 2 months ago.

According to sources, the three suspects would manage to escape frisking by the showroom’s security guards, thus, managing to sneak out necklaces. Thereafter, the jewellery would be taken to another jeweller who would give them a similar looking ornament, which was lighter and cheaper. The following day, the thieves would return with the replica.Dendge said that the salesman had replaced almost 40 necklaces in the last one year.The suspects have been held in police custody till February 5.

Source: TOI

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Shiv Sena fears Budget Session washout

The Shiv Sena expressed its fear of a complete washout of the upcoming Budget Session due to the rising political heat over Rohith Vemula’s suicide. The controversy, the party fears, will not die down and gather further political attention, proving to be an obstacle for the smooth functioning of the Budget Session.

An editorial Sena mouthpiece, ‘Samaana’ said, “The Budget session (of Parliament) is merely 15 days away and it seems that the whole session will be wiped out over Rohith Vemula’s death. There will soon be Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh and thus the suicide matter will be heated up for political gains”.

In the editorial, the Sena questioned the process in which Vemula’s case was handled. The University expelled the student on disciplinary grounds after a Union Minister, Bandaru Dattatreya, allegedly intervened. However, the editorial demands to know as to why the student’s views were not allowed to be voiced. In addition, the editorial points out that in our country extensive talk are held over Assam’s ULFA and agreements are made with Maoist, Naxalites, and other terror outfits. The Sena questions, “In spite of all this, why was Rohith Vemula not given a chance to put forth his views despite his numerous pleadings”.

Source: NDTV

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