Vande Mataram mandatory for educational institutions and jobs across Tamil Nadu: Madras High Court

According to a ruling by the Madras High Court, singing Vande Mataram has been made mandatory for educational institutions and government offices.The ruling was led by Justice MV Muralidaran.

For clarity, he administered the Director of Public Information with the responsibility of uploading and circulation of the national song over government portals and the social media.Muralidharan added, “If people feel it is difficult to sing the song in Bengali and Sanskrit, steps can be taken to translate the song in English”.He further added that the court hopes that the implementation of the decision will be considered with utmost seriousness by the youth of the country.
However, Muralidaran made it clear by stating that people that people must not be forced to sing the national song if they face difficulty in doing so and if they have a valid reason/justification for the same.
The order came post the K Vermani case. As per the case, K Vermani, an applicant for the post of BT assistant, requested the authorities for awarding him with one mark for the question ” In which language, the song Vande Mataram was written? ” R Muthukumaraswamy, the advocate general of Tamil Nadu made it clear that Vande Mataram is of Sanskrit origin.However, it was written in the Bengali script.
News Source: Hindu, TOI
Image Source: PTI

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